How to Pay Yourself as an Online Business Owner

Whack! Whooooooosh! Splash! 🏄‍♀️💦

You should’ve seen the wannabe surfers flying off their surfboards on the cruise we just went on.

They were on the “FlowRider” — one of those cool wave rider things where the machine pumps out an insane amount of water and people get to live their best Laird Hamilton life.

Everyday, I’d sit and watch cruisers go up and excitedly try to sign up for the ride.

I think they all thought that all they’d have to do is flash their ID and hop on. But clearly a whole lotta lawyers have gotten their hands on this process, so instead it was more like:

  1. Sign up, show ID
  2. Watch a 10-minute safety video
  3. Sign a waiver
  4. Demonstrate 8 physically demanding moves to the instructor to see if you’re qualified
  5. Try out on the “baby” wave rider first to show you can belly ride a boogie board without falling off
  6. Stand on the boogie board & stay without falling
  7. ONCE YOU’VE DONE ALL THAT….. Ok, now you can try the surf board.

Hardly anyone who excitedly approached the counter to sign up actually surfed. Most people quit around step 4.

How To Act As An Online Business Owner

What’s this have to do with your online business? A lot actually ; )

01. Stick with it

Most people don’t get to where you’re at, my friend. Most people quit at step 4, or earlier.

Sometimes when I’m having one of my harder business building moments, I think, “Just keep running. Don’t look back. You’ve got this.”

I’ve got the longevity of a crusty old Subaru.

Now you know I’m the Queen of keeping things cozy and calm — so I don’t mean to “keep running” literally. I mean that if you don’t give up — even if you take lots of breaks and take things slowly — others will give up. The cream rises.

That person who stole my website and all of my legal templates? She’s no longer in business. Shocking.

Be like an artichoke — keep your heart strong, and let all those tough outer leaves fall off.

02. Baby Steps

On the cruise, the wannabe surfers were so frustrated that they couldn’t skip to Step 7 immediately.

But after watching dozens of people go through the process, I thought, “actually it is really important they go through the process!”

The people who wanted to jump to Step 7 didn’t get there for a reason. They might’ve gotten hurt, even.

As you’re building your business, it’s tempting to focus on all of your Step “7s”. And I know it’s not always fun or sexy — but getting the legal and financial foundation for your business in place is crucial to being able to get to the point to hop up, stand, and surf.

When you see Laird Hamilton surfing, there were thousands & thousands of baby steps that got him there.

Do you feel yourself trying to rush through all the pre-steps? I definitely do that! I want to “skip to the good part” as much as the next person — but I know in my heart how important the foundation is.

Speaking of skipping to the good part — let’s talk about paying yourself as a business owner!

🎙 This week I’m teaching you how to pay yourself! I talk about how to pay yourself as a sole proprietor, LLC owner and S-Corp boss. I even shared the details of exactly how I’ve paid myself over time. Listen to Episode 58 of On Your Terms® here!


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