How To Use ConvertKit To Scale Your Business

How You Can Use ConvertKit To Scale Your Business

Are you a blogger or business owner? Are you looking to build and grow your customer base? Read to learn how to use ConvertKit to convert more clients for your business!

We’re all trying to turn our blogs and online passions into profit. That sweet, sweet affiliate marketing income for promoting stuff you actually dig? Yes, please!

Email marketing valuation is forecasted to reach $18 billion by 2027

But to seriously cash in on the affiliate game, you’ve got to master email marketing. Don’t just take my word for it; over 70% of people prefer getting brand updates in their inboxes. And get this: email marketing valuation is forecasted to reach $18 billion by 2027.

The only catch is that your regular Gmail or business email account isn’t designed for sending bulk campaigns like that. You need a proper email marketing tool designed to handle mass outreach seamlessly.

That’s where ConvertKit enters the picture as a total gamechanger. Sure, there are a million email platforms out there. But this one is built specifically for bloggers, creators, and yes, affiliate marketers like you and me!

I stumbled across ConvertKit a while back and it seriously leveled up my affiliate earnings. The interface is intuitive yet packed with all the powerful features you need to nurture and monetize your email list properly.

In this guide, I’ll share all the details of everything you need to start using this amazing email tool to its full potential for affiliate sales! Let’s dig in!

How To Use ConvertKit To Scale Your Business

While social media is cool, you’re at the mercy of algorithms burying your content and promotions as an affiliate marketer. With email, you control the game!

You can control your content with email

Your email newsletter list is a direct pipeline to an audience that actually wants to hear from you. They’re eagerly awaiting your latest advice, recommendations, and yes, your hottest affiliate offers.

But to truly capitalize, you need the right email marketing platform as your foundation. It’s got to have some serious muscle to handle a rapidly growing subscriber base, yet be user-friendly so you don’t want to pull your hair out.

This is where ConvertKit comes in. This platform packs a punch with features built specifically to level up your affiliate email efforts. I’m talking about segmentation tools to target specific audiences, automation to nurture prospects 24/7, and pro-level analytics to track every dollar earned. BOOM! 

I’ll walk you through exactly how to use ConvertKit’s capabilities to consistently drive affiliate sales and build a real relationship marketing machine.

What Is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is a platform that’s quickly becoming the affiliate marketer’s secret weapon for next-level email dominance. And it’s no surprise why! 

This powerful platform was created by Nathan Barry – someone who gets the struggles of building an online brand from the ground up. He designed ConvertKit specifically with creators like us in mind. 

At first glance, it just makes sending bulk email a breeze. No more juggling messy mailing lists or dealing with complicated sign-up processes. ConvertKit consolidates and automates your entire email marketing strategy on autopilot. 

Being able to hyper-personalize and optimize your messaging is a huge traffic booster. You can nurture different audience segments with tailored content for tagging your subscribers and increase engagement.

How Does ConvertKit Work?

No one enjoys the frustration of dealing with subpar email marketing tools that overpromise and underdeliver. Been there and done that–wasting precious time and money on platforms that can’t hack it.

That’s why finding the right tool from the jump is crucial for us affiliate hustlers. And I’m here to tell you, ConvertKit is where it’s at! So, what makes this email marketing platform so special? 

For starters, this platform is ridiculously user-friendly. No more wrestling with confusing dashboards that make you want to pull your hair out. ConvertKit keeps it simple and intuitive.

But, don’t sleep on the features just because the interface is smooth. I’m talking about next-level opt-in forms, slick landing pages, automation email marketing funnels that nurture subscribers 24/7, and segmentation capabilities that’ll blow your mind. Everything you need to maximize opens, clicks, and most importantly, affiliate sales!

As an affiliate, one of the biggest benefits is how ConvertKit integrates seamlessly with all the top affiliate platforms. No more juggling a million tools, ConvertKit ties it all together so you can run a tight operation.

And let’s not forget the community aspect! Joining ConvertKit means tapping into a whole network of savvy affiliate bosses. That’s like having a built-in mastermind of savvy entrepreneurs all collaborating and supporting one another’s success.

ConvertKit Tutorial

Getting started with ConvertKit is pretty straightforward. Here is how to get started:

Step 1: Sign Up for ConvertKit

The first step is just signing up for an account on their website. No biggie, just enter your email address and create a password like you’d for any other online account.

The nice thing about ConvertKit is that they let you kick the tires for free before paying for a subscription. Their free starter plan enables you to set up your account and explore the features before deciding whether to upgrade to a paid level.

Step 2: Set Up Your Account and Connect Your Website

Once you’ve created your account, ConvertKit will walk you through connecting it to your website or blog. This is an important step because it syncs up your email marketing efforts with your actual online site. You’ll just need to provide your website URL and some other basic details about your site.

From there, ConvertKit will generate a little snippet of code for you to copy and paste into the backend of your website. I know that code stuff can sound intimidating if you’re not tech-savvy! But ConvertKit gives really clear instructions on how to properly integrate that code, so even non-tech folks can manage it without stress.

Step 3: Create and Design Your Opt-In Form!

This is where you’ll really get to flex your creative muscles and put your own spin on things. ConvertKit has this really intuitive form builder that takes the headache out of this process, even for non-design pros. Just head over to your ConvertKit dashboard and click the “Create Form” button. From there, you’ll see a bunch of sharp-looking templates to choose from as your starting point.

Pick whichever one resonates best with your brand and content, and then you can customize every little detail to make it truly your own. 

Step 4: Integrate Your Form with Your Website

With your form all styled and ready to go, it’s time to publish it live on your website! Remember the small code snippet generated for you when you first set up your ConvertKit account? Get it ready.

ConvertKit will provide step-by-step instructions for copying and pasting that code into your site’s HTML editor. Once you follow their prompts to get that code published on your site, your new opt-in form will be live and ready to start capturing all those hard-earned email subscribers! 

Step 5: Send out Your First Email 

In ConvertKit lingo, newsletters are called “Broadcasts.” This is where the real fun begins as you craft those eye-catching email campaigns to go out to your hard-earned subscriber list.

To get started, just head over to the Broadcasts section of your ConvertKit dashboard and click “New Broadcast.” This will open up the editor, where you can work your magic. There’s also ConvertKit’s email sequence builder for crafting your welcome series, nurture campaigns, or any other email series you have in mind.

As you’re writing your broadcast content, ConvertKit lets you be intentional about who this email goes to. You can use handy filters to target specific segments of your list, exclude certain groups, and really hone in on your ideal audience. You can also schedule it to go out whenever works best whether that’s bright and early tomorrow morning or next Tuesday at 2 pm. 

 ConvertKit puts you in the driver’s seat, but I can help remove legal roadblocks.

While mastering tools like ConvertKit is crucial for email marketing success as an affiliate, it’s equally important to have a solid legal foundation protecting your biz. 

Too often, entrepreneurs get caught up in the fun parts of building an online brand without considering the legal implications. However, overlooking key contracts, policies, and protections can lead to nightmares down the road.

That’s where my comprehensive legal resources come into play. Having airtight client contracts and sturdy website policies in place helps build trust with your audience while shielding you from liability risks. Also, proper insurance coverage is an absolute must to legally protect your online business and all your hard work!

The Ultimate Bundle® is an all-in-one solution providing customizable, fill-in-the-blank legal templates, expert guidance, and simple ways to cover all the bases before launching. You can also check out my podcast and blog posts for additional information!

Why risk easily avoidable pitfalls when I can provide you with a comprehensive safety net?

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