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I couldn’t do it (like this) anymore…

I couldn't do it (like this) anymore…

Hi friends! Did you hear that? It was me… breathing a little deeper these days.

Ever since my parents died, I haven’t been able to take a deep breath, either literally or figuratively.

Literally, when I try to take a big deep belly breath, my breath skips and sputters like it does during an ugly cry.

But I also figuratively haven’t stopped long enough to take a deep breath since they died within a year of one another, either.

As nice as it would be for all of us to just hit “pause” on all our life responsibilities — that’s not how life works. We have jobs, families, other responsibilities, taxes to pay, laundry (WHY IS THERE SO MUCH LAUNDRY)… life keeps life’ing.

Running my business, writing my first book, and being a human has given me lots of little places to tuck my grief.

So if hitting a big fat “pause” button on life isn’t an option… what do we do? How do we grow a business while not ignoring the rest of our life?

Going through a lot — having a LOT on your plate right now — is an invitation to shift your business priorities.

Recently I’ve shifted my business priorities, and set some of the smaller, less impactful “I’d love to, but not right now” stuff to the side.

Here’s my tip if you’ve got a lot going on in your life right now:

🪡 Focus on the needle-moving stuff in your business. The rocks that move your business forward, instead of the small stuff that takes up a lot of time — but doesn’t make the biggest impact on your bottom line.

🙌 For me, that needle-moving stuff is:

  • Building + nurturing my email list (there are over 30k here now!)
  • Taking care of thousands of my customers & their Qs
  • My podcast, On Your Terms®
  • Optimizing my funnel and building out a new opt-in funnel (to generate & convert more leads)

❌ That means letting go (for now) of:

  • scrolling social media
  • posting so much on social media
  • exciting but “not right now” ideas around more video, YouTube, partnerships, etc

Comment below and let me know if that’s helpful, friend.

With that — let’s talk trademarks in this week’s Q&A. Read alllll the way to the bottom to find out about something I’ve got coming for you on April 8….(🎉 🤫)

Legal Q&A

Q: When is the right time to trademark my name? – Jen
A: Hey Jen! Great question. So if we’re talking about trademarking your business name, it depends! First, I’d want you to find out if your name is even trademarkable. Next, I’d want you to know why you’re trademarking it and whether you’re going to enforce it if someone copies it. (If you don’t ‘patrol’ your mark, it can be considered abandoned. That’s an extra cost to consider.)

If you’ve created something super catchy that you know is going to be an important part of your business – talk to a trademark lawyer and go for it! But it’s not always a bad idea to see if something sticks first, either.

👋 Want me to answer your legal question in a future Sam’s Sidebar? Submit your question here!

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On Your Terms® Podcast

Epi 205. 7 Surprising Ways to Pay Less Taxes

Look — I don’t teach you how to cheat the tax man, but there are ways to reduce the amount of taxes you pay legally. Join me for this quick tax chat on 7 surprisingly easy ways you can capture what you’re doing already to save on taxes.



  • 🎉 Get ready for a new series coming to my podcast, On Your Terms®! Starting April 8, in a 4-part series I’ll teach you how to run a low-stress business launch. I’m breaking down the BTS of my own recent multi 6-figure promotion to show you exactly how I did it so you can take my strategies and apply them as your own.🎧
  • Listen to Epi. 205. “7 Surprising Ways to Pay Less Taxes” on On Your Terms®💰
  • If you haven’t already, book an appointment with a CPA to prep and file your taxes! For most of you, taxes are due by April 15, 2024 (if you have an S-Corp like me, our taxes were due March 15, 2024).
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