I finally made the connection

I finally made the connection

Hi friends! I’m cozied up on this very chilly morning, sipping my Bird Rock coffee from California, and watching one of my favorite travel YouTubers.

They’re a husband and wife duo who travel the world, sharing their crazy adventures with their millions of followers along the way.

Each January, they share a recap of how the previous year went. They do it superlative style so we know what their fav videos were to shoot, which ones they didn’t love, and what they wish would’ve performed better on their channel.

I’ve watched their recaps before – but this year, something about what they shared hit a bit differently.

Their “most fun to record” videos, and the ones they were the proudest of, didn’t perform the best, algorithmically speaking, on YouTube.

At the same time, they felt so burnt out from trying to make so many videos and traveling so much (understandably so!). They announced they’re taking some time off and going much slower in 2024.

Sometimes we have to hear something for the 8 millionth time for it to hit different— but I couldn’t help but see the connection between how they’re feeling and how the joy of filming and traveling (what got them started in the first place) got all mixed up with the fixation on stats and algorithms.

No client, listener, subscriber etc wants to feel like a stat to you. No one wants to feel like you’re only creating that content because you’re chasing higher stats.

Your followers want to see the content that brings you joy. If you burn out from making content you hate, it’s not good for any of us.

I’ve felt and heard this theme consistently for the past few weeks —

People want to create less, but make what they do create better. They want to have more fun. Feel less pressure. Worry less about the algorithm.

We say that… and I know many of us feel it. But do we keep feeding the algorithm? Or is this the year we finally release ourselves from the external and internal pressures of vanity metrics, stats and algos — and finally find a way of consistently creating content we like?

Just some food for thought.


Q: What legal considerations are needed to put out free content (ex: newsletters, Instagram content, TikTok, blogs, etc)?

A: Whether you’re creating free or paid content, it all needs legal protection. You don’t get any pass (or a get-out-of-jail-free card) for something you said because it was free.

When it comes to creating content, there are 2 main legal pieces to have down:

  1. Know your scope of practice: a lot of creating content is just about knowing what you can and can’t say, and how to properly position yourself as an expert. I teach you how to master this in the Ultimate Bundle®. You can also listen to Episode 2 of On Your Terms® here.​
  2. Mini-Disclaimer: for your freebies, long form content, webinars etc – get a Mini-Disclaimer to legally protect yourself and your content. It’s included in the Ultimate Bundle®​, or you can purchase it by itself in my shop here.


Bundle member, Erica, shared how she has to (unfortunately) use the included Client Contract to collect over $1k owed to her by a non-paying client. Erica wanted to know if she can pass on her attorneys’ and collections’ fees to her client, which we helped her to navigate with some additional contract language.

Getting your legal stuff in place is one thing – but this kind of community and support are unmatched!

Epi 191. Kickstart Series Part 3: Create a Product that Sells Itself (+ How to Make it Last)

In Part 3 of my Kickstart Your Business in 2024 series, I’ll teach you how to create a product with longevity. Through beta testing, voice of customer, learning how to actually create + improve your product, and scalability testing – we’ll create something you can sell for years on repeat.




Google and Yahoo are leading major changes to how we (as creators who send lots of emails) contact our list. Google has a great explanation here about what they’re requiring (like a 1-click unsubscribe option and 2-day removal requirement) and here’s a good breakdown on how to comply, if you haven’t yet.


  • Listen to Part 3 of the Kickstart Your Business Series on my podcast, On Your Terms®, to learn how to create and sell a great product for years to come.
  • Review the email changes in online biz news above.
  • Get ready for a big announcement from me next week! I’m inviting you to something I haven’t done in a long time. 😉
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