If You Do THIS, Your Business Will Grow

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We’ve all seen it…​

One of the downsides of the online business world is that almost from the beginning, you’ve got people selling, selling, selling to you, many promising the same thing:

​If you do this ONE thing (that they just so happen to sell something on🙄), then you’ll be successful.

They act like building a successful business is like depositing $1 per day in your bank account for a week. At the end of the week, you’d have $7 (that’s some genius math right there).

​When in reality, building a business is more like building a muscle.​

If You Do THIS, Your Business Will Grow

Building it takes repeated, consistent action(s), over a long period of time. It takes a lot of hard work, some luck (or genetics, in muscle’s case), and privilege. And being able to withstand a whole lotta sh*t, repeatedly, and get back up again.

But building a muscle is just as much about what you do outside the gym, too. It takes eating well, nourishing your body and your mind, and adequate rest.

If you do all of THAT, over and over and over, and pay attention to the data along the way…

💪 Then you’ll have a big muscle… I mean, business.

Just like strong muscles don’t come from a couple of curls here and there, an Instagram hack or online course isn’t going to build your business overnight, either.

I think a big part of the conversation that ‘they’ aren’t having with you is just how much repetition, persistence, tenacity, and scrappiness entrepreneurship actually takes.

In reality, you need to be resourceful, maybe keep a part-time job, or do some work on the side that you don’t love until your business is stable and you feel more confident to go all-in. (Which is 100% OK and should be normalized, IMO).

So let’s let go of this unrealistic, disengenous story about how you’re supposed to buy an online course to learn how to start an online course from scratch and immediately make $10k/month.

For most of us (me included), that’s not how your business story goes.

If this resonated with you, hit “reply” and say YES! I’d love to hear if it spoke to you.

​Parker Stevenson

Speaking of being realistic — I had finance expert and bookeeper to the online stars, Parker Stevenson, on my podcast this week to talk about how to actually budget to either start or invest in your business, how to navigate making enough money to pay your bills while also running your business, and so much more.

You won’t want to miss the part of the episode where we talk about how to budget for yourself personally when you’re also a business owner.

🎙 Listen to Episode 169 “Profit Pillars, Business Expenses, and Resourcefulness [Interview with Parker Stevenson]” of On Your Terms™ here!

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