I’m Going to be Honest

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I’m going to be honest: I haven’t been doing amazing grief-wise.

And while I promise not to talk about grief this entire podcast episode, I did record it because I needed to have more of a personal catch-up-style coffee chat with you today.

Think of it as a cozy but very honest episode.

​If you’re interested in tuning in, we’re chatting all things…
💔 Grief update and how it has affected my business
🧳 Travel plans and unplugging
🍂 Fall and what I’m looking forward to
☁️ My *new* big dream

You can listen to the episode on AppleSpotify, or directly on my podcast page.

If you listen to the episode, feel free to DM me on Instagram. I love hearing your feedback and appreciate when you take the time to share it.

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