Is it really Starbucks vs. Dunkin?

Lavender background with text overlay "Is it really Starbucks vs. Dunkin?"

If there’s one thing I’ve become increasingly interested in this year …

It’s how big brands compete in the same industry and marketplace while still building a thriving business.

For example ⬇️…

Starbucks vs. Dunkin
Costco vs. BJs

One of these brands is the clear innovator, and the other *seems* to mimic it. Yet, they all still thrive in revenue and their separate fan bases.

Which makes me wonder – what are these big corporations doing that we can adopt and apply in our small businesses when it comes to our “competition,” too?

In today’s On Your Terms podcast episodeI dive into these brand battles, exploring the strategies and differentiators that make them thrive.

​Some key takeaways from this episode that might encourage you are:

01. There’s always room for you – you can always take a bite out of a competitor’s brand and still have a great business!

02. The original innovator will always be on top, but it doesn’t mean they’re the best or the better business.

03. There will always be people nipping at your heels, but don’t let that keep you from releasing new ideas.

… And more.

At the end of the day, there are more than enough options for the world to go around. If you need a little nudge to keep moving forward in business even though your space feels “crowded”, this is the episode for you!

You can tune in on AppleSpotify, or directly on my podcast page.

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