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It’s Ok If You Don’t Want To “Manifest” A Mega-Business

“Believe in yourself! If you want it bad enough, you can make it happen! Only the strong survive!”

^^ We’re hit over the head on the daily with messages like these — implying that all we’ve got to do to be successful in our businesses is want it bad enough and log enough hours “hustling,” hunched over our laptops.

Not only does that kinda advice stink of privilege, it also completely fails to take into account what this past has really been like for so many — lost:

  1. childcare & support
  2. loved ones
  3. social & physical contact
  4. jobs & income
  5. & so much more

During the 2020 chaos, so many people were scrambling to jump into an online business and figure out how to create an email marketing funnel to sell a product for the very first time, what kind of legal protection they need to get started with an online business, or just had to take a total hiatus from their business when they lost childcare or support overnight.

Why It Can Be Hard Believing It’s been a season of overwhelm and challenges for many people, and simplifying it to “You just need to want it more” doesn’t encompass or empathize with the full picture for so many of us.

But even before the pandemic, something never sat right with me about those “anyone can do it if they want it badly enough” type of statements.

I’d look at those motivational, bro-led quotes and think, “hm.. I want it pretty bad, but I still have a hard time believing in some of these big, lofty goals.”

If I listened to the other people in our industry, I would’ve thought that I had a mindset problem, loads of blocks, or I just didn’t want it badly enough to be a business owner.

One time I told my therapist about how I, on the one hand, felt like there were bigger things possible for my business — that it had a lot of potential and I could see it growing, but at the same time I thought I’d already reached a level of growth that I never thought possible, and therefore couldn’t experience any more growth.

She shared something profound with me that I want to pass on to you. She said,How To Believe In Your Business

“What if you didn’t have to believe in the WHOLE thing? Instead of having to believe that your business could be a 7-figure, book-deal getting, wildly successful business — what if you just could buy into the idea that it could be a little more successful than it is now? And then later you can see if you can buy into another little piece of it.. so on and so on”

That, my friend, sat way easier with me.

What if — instead of pushing ourselves to either believe in the whole enchilada or nothing — we believed that something more is possible for us and our businesses? (sidebar: I use the term “more” as flexibly as possible — it doesn’t always mean more $, clients, followers etc. It’s whatever it means to you.)

When I started my business and created the Ultimate Bundle™, I didn’t think anyone would buy it.

I started to make some sales and I thought, “OK – I think I could aim for 2 sales per month.” 2 became 5, 5 became 10, 10 became 50, and I’ve just kept bumping it up from there.

Once I started to see one thing was possible, I could see 1 more thing was possible, too.

I want you to know that if you’re not the most confident, “I’m gonna be huge and I know it” kinda person — that’s OK. There’s still room for you, too.

And if you’re the kind of person who’s also like, “I’m actually not focused on growth right now. I’m good the way I am!” – that’s AMAZING too. Not everything in life or business is about growth, scaling and 6-figures 😉

So when I recently realized that like a year ago (whoops! missed that one lol) I hit over $1,000,000 in sales for the Ultimate Bundle alone — I was totally shocked.

I NEVER would’ve thought that the Bundle would’ve gotten here, but it did.

I guess this is all a long way of telling you,

You don’t necessarily have to believe in what’s ultimately possible for you right this moment. You just have to believe you can take the next step, and the next step after that.

You’ve got this — I’m always rooting for you.

If you want to start a conversation, go ahead and DM me on Instagram and let me know what you thought of this, friend. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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  1. I love this Sam! So true! As I look at ads for various ways to build a coaching business I see many pushing building big dollar incomes. The reality is, at this stage in my life, I’m literally not in for the money. Yes, I wanted to earn a living but I’m much more interested in seeing people’s lives transformed.

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