Everything You Need to Know About Kajabi Courses

Everything You Need to Know About Kajabi Courses

Are you considering starting an online business in course creation but don’t know how to go about it? If so, you are going to want to read this…

Listen up, online educators! Today I’m spilling the tea on one of the tech tools that helped me grow my business and create thriving online courses, Kajabi!

For the newbies, Kajabi is the be-all-end-all platform for creating, marketing, and selling online courses and memberships faster than you can say, “Jack Robinson!” This top-notch site has single-handedly leveled up my course creator game big time.

With Kajabi’s simple drag-and-drop builder, you can design mouthwatering course landing pages to reel students in and effortlessly automate your course content delivery. I’m talking about next-level membership management, payment processing, and so much more in one crazy-good package!

Despite its super-slick functionality, it still manages to be pretty simple and intuitive to use. And if that wasn’t enough, it also comes equipped with great built-in marketing tools to help you promote your courses like a pro. From ideation to launch and everything in between, Kajabi makes course creation as easy as avocado toast!

That’s why I’m dedicating today’s post to shed more light on everything you need to know about Kajabi courses and how to build one successfully! 

Everything You Need to Know About Kajabi Courses

There is an ongoing Kajabi vs Teachable debate on which is the best platform to teach online? Leaving that aside, one of my favorite features of Kajabi is how it lets you give your course that exclusive VIP treatment with endless customization possibilities. Love it!

Customize your course with Kajabi

With Kajabi’s series of personalization settings, you can outfit your course in head-to-toe custom glam that screams your name. This includes uploading your own personalized logos, signature colors, fonts, and graphics; all to stand out fiercely amongst the sea of online courses.

Another thing I particularly love is how Kajabi courses feel so cutting-edge yet smooth, like butter for students to navigate. You can also customize your course dashboard, certificates, quizzes, emails, and beyond with your signature brand stamp. Think one-of-a-kind content sequences, community hangouts, tool integrations, and learning experiences made to dazzle your students!

How To Build A Course In Kajabi

If launching your idea as a budding online coach feels intimidating, let me ease your worries. With Kajabi, creating your debut course is nowhere near as complicated as you think!

Create your debut course in Kajabi

You can read this post for a more detailed step-by-step guide on how to create the perfect Kajabi course!

But in general, you’ll first pick a hot topic you can bless your community with. You’ll then sign up for Kajabi and check out the product options for building your masterpiece. You’ll give your course a spicy title and description that speaks to your audience, and so on. And, Kajabi will guide you along as well!

Kajabi helps whip up a framework for your content outline to customize. Upload your materials, then spice it up with saucy branding! Then, put a price tag on it and unleash your course to the world!

Legally protecting your content and operating by the book is also vital! You don’t want to mess around with legal issues that’ll rain on your money-making parade. Luckily, I’ve got you covered when it comes to legally registering your biz, trademarking your work, and handling compliance issues. I make it my passion to empower entrepreneurs like you to grow your empires fearlessly, knowing you got big protection.

You’ll find everything you need in our FREE Legal Training: 5 Steps Legally Protect and Grow Your Business and The Ultimate Bundle®, which includes 10 fill-in-the-blank legal templates plus video tutorials and so much more!

Why I Love the Kajabi Course Outline Generator

This nifty built-in feature makes visualizing your content flow easily. It’s a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface for structuring course sections, lessons, materials, quizzes, and basically anything your eager mind can manifest.

I’m hooked on using this tool in the early planning phases before actually producing any content. It lets you map out the full program progression in pretty diagram columns and name/estimate times for each component. 

Not only does it keep your curriculum neatly organized, but it also helps you identify content gaps and sections needing expansion. Plus, it has a color-coding feature! 

Examples of Kajabi Courses

Now, let me show you some examples of creative content creators serving up piping-hot courses with Kajabi! If you check out their course pages, you will be amazed by all the diverse flavors. These innovators crafted their pages with so much personality that you’d never guess it all came from the same platform! 

  • Digital Course Academy with Amy Porterfield: Helps passionate educators build bankable course biz’s!
  • Abstract Painting Academy by David M. Kessler: Helps unleash your inner Picasso through its masterful abstract art courses!
  • Yogi Flight School with Nathania Stambouli: Serves transformative online yoga lessons for wellness enthusiasts!
  • Kevin Wallace Courses: Trains students in securing those high-demand Cisco certifications!
  • Education by Matt Johnson: Helps wedding videographers take their content creation skills to the ceremony chapel and the bank!
  • Your Guitar Sage with Erich Andreas: Offers membership and guitar courses that turn guitar novices into pros.
  • The Movement System by Matt Casturo: Physio fans flock here for Matt’s body mechanics courses and health resources!
  • Grid and Glam with Corinne Morahan: Grooms students in organizing home spaces with panache!
  • Flowing Zen by Anthony Korahais: Helps students find their flow through his ancient Chinese arts courses on Taichi and Qigong! 
  • Nine Yard Consulting by Jen Jones: Guides homeowners to budget-friendly renovations without the headaches through online courses & coaching!

Should You Use Kajabi for Online Courses?

Hopefully, you all are now convinced of just how great Kajabi is at whipping up those profit-pulling online courses! With endless customization options and built-in support, anyone can share their ideas and uplift audiences through digital learning experiences. 

So, if you’re ready to start your own course and plant your flag in the digital space, I’m here to help! I’ve helped many education entrepreneurs with successful coaching and teaching business launches on Kajabi. My legal templates provide expert guidance to check all those online business requirements boxes, legally protect your online course, give your branding ultra-glossy couture, and promote your program far and wide!

Want the full download? Contact me here or check out my podcast episodes, blogs, and Ultimate Bundle® resource. They provide the A-to-Z blueprint for building your online business, as well as expert insights and tips to grow your knowledge business-wise. This knowledge will come in handy when starting your Kajabi courses career that will stand the test of time.

So, don’t go it alone when I’ve got the masterplan manual to help you avoid newbie mistakes and set your course launch biz up for greatness! 

I’m here for you!

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