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[BRAND NEW] A YouTube Channel of bite-sized legal tips! ?

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A YouTube Channel of bite-sized legal tips

It’s finally here, friend! Today I launched a fresh new way to bring you legal tips and business-building tricks.

I’ve been quietly putting the finishing touches behind the scenes on something I’ve dreamed about doing for the past few years.

Might sound melodramatic, but it’s true.

When I started working with my then-copywriter and now-Marketing Director Margo a year ago, I was telling her way back then that I *knew* I could help so many people with short, actionable legal tips on YouTube.

Even though I’d felt that way for over a year, I still didn’t take the plunge then.

I was working on getting my Ultimate Bundle program updated, setting up a sales funnel, and other important things in 2019, and yet…

…I just knew how much this would help YOU, and my entire community.

Because sometimes you just need a quick 6-minute video on the topic that’s got the “what-if” legal scenarios spinning in your brain nonstop to get you on the right track, amiright!?

Now before I tell you what the first video is about (cliffhanger, I know! Stick with me…), I want to ask you:

Have you ever had a gut feeling like the one I had about starting a YouTube channel?

The thing that gives you that “I feel like I really want to do this!” AND “I’m so scared to do this!” feeling — all at the same time?

Yep, that was launching my YouTube channel for me.

What’s that “thing” for you? Tell me in the comments below ??

Maybe it’s launching your group or membership program, a podcast, your entire business, or just committing to doing more live videos…

You WANT to get started, but you get stuck in the ‘how’ and the outcomes:

  • Will anyone watch / listen / follow / like?
  • Does anyone really need this?
  • Don’t I need a new website / logo / branding / photo first?
  • There are SO many moving parts… how am I going to do this?
  • And am I legally protected if I put this out there? I’m not sure, so I’ll stay where I’m at.

Over the past 2.5 years, I’ve helped thousands of women entrepreneurs finally get started on whatever it is that’s on their hearts by helping them get the legal in place.

So how exactly did I — an attorney-turned-entrepreneur — help bring their scary-but-exciting dreams to life?

I gave them the DIY legal templates and trainings they needed to feel confident enough to put it out there.

Legally legitimizing their idea helped them feel like they could finally share more about their project.

So hitting “GO!” on my brand new YouTube channel today is not only a labor of love, but also a wink, wink nudge, nudge to you to finally say “yes” (to yourself) on that project, program, or maybe even entirely new business.

In this kickoff video of my new weekly YouTube series, you’ll learn how to start an online business legally.

This 6-min actionable video will help you if you’re brand new to entrepreneurship OR just brand new to legally legitimizing your business. ? Click on the image below to learn how to start an online business legally now! ??

It would mean SO much to me — and the flock of excited butterflies buzzing around in my stomach ? — if you’d go watch the video on YouTube, share it with your friends, and leave me a comment under the video to let me know what you learned.

Thanks for celebrating with me as I step out boldly into new and exciting things!


TL; DR: I started a YouTube channel and TODAY is the first day! I’ll be posting a new video each and every Tuesday, and it would mean so much if you would show your support by clicking here to watch the first short video (it’s less than 6 minutes long!) and leave me a comment to tell me what you learned!

Creating a true community where you feel seen and known is SO important to me: please make sure to tell me when you’re launching YOUR big and exciting new thing so I can celebrate alongside you, too! <3

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