Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Listened to You

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Every few visits, Norm (my Dad) told Olive Garden how disappointed he was in their food.

Keep in mind, he was OG’s #1 fan. But he was just the type of guy who could very easily find something to complain about.

He’d submit a survey letting them know they’d overcooked the pasta, undercooked the pasta, or how the salads had gotten smaller.

But he never stopped going (a true OG fan 🥗 🥖 🥣).

Each time he submitted a survey, they’d write back, thank him for his input, and send him a small gift card to use on his next purchase.

Maybe this was why Norm submitted the surveys 😉… but here’s the point:

You can love something and still offer feedback on how it can be improved.

As a business, it’s about letting people be heard, thanking them, and getting back to overcooking your pasta (or undercooking it, depending on how Norm felt that day). You take some, leave some, and release the rest.

So what does my Dad being Olive Garden’s toughest critic (while confusingly being their biggest fan) have to do with you?

Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Listened to You

A few weeks ago I asked for feedback about how you felt about my emails.

And hundreds of you replied with such helpful info (THANK YOU!).

Since I’m the captain of this ship, I’m going to take some of the feedback and implement it, while I put other parts of it in the “I hear you, thank you, and I will not be doing that” pile.

And it all starts today.

This issue is a little scrappier than it will eventually look. I’m in the midst of a BIG rebrand, new website, podcast overhaul, etc.

But one of the things I heard from you was that, for the most part, you feel like one solid email is better than two per week. And you like having some legal Q&A, resources, or even “breaking legal news” for the online biz industry included.

Who doesn’t love a little variety? Let’s give this a go.

Hopefully, I haven’t overcooked it for you. ⤵️


Q: I’m a freelancer – so I just work in other people’s businesses. I don’t need to set up a legal business, do I?

A: Hey freelancer! So while you might feel like you “just work in other people’s businesses,” that actually is a business (whether you’ve legally established it or not may be another story.)

You have a service-based business. You’re offering the service of doing work in other people’s businesses (ie, copywriting? graphic design? marketing or admin?).

The law doesn’t care whether you’re serving B2B (a business serving another business) or B2C (a business serving the client directly/the end-user).

So yes, you need to set up a business legally, the same way anyone else would! I’d start by listening to Episode 7: The First 3 Steps to Legally Setting Up Your Business of my podcast On Your Terms™️.


​The Ultimate Bundle™️ is the go-to legal program for online business owners to get protected. It gives you 10 DIY Legal Contract templates, access to me for support, lifetime access to the training, free updates & more ​

My Ultimate Bundle™️ members are killing it heading into ’24! Olivia and Leigha knocked out their client contracts and website policies, using the 10 DIY Legal Templates included in the Bundle.

And Jen’s using her private community access to ask me and the group what our ‘no refunds’ policy looks like. I hopped in the group and explained to Jen the law around policies, what I did when I had a refund policy (on different services), and why and how I maintain my ‘no refunds’ policy now.

no refunds policy


Epi 185. NEW LAW ALERT: BOI Reporting Requirements (+ free Guide!)

Tune in to learn what the new BOI law is, how it applies to you (it does!), and how you can quickly and easily comply.

Coming up: Episode 187 is the first episode of a 4-part Kickstart Your Business in 2024 series for you! I’m dedicating 4 episodes to helping you set your foundation, master messaging for your audience, build a $1mil product, and steal my evergreen marketing strategies. You won’t want to miss any of these 4 episodes, starting Monday 1/8!



The new Beneficial Ownership Information requirement went into effect yesterday 1/1/2024. If you have a business in the US, it applies to you and you must comply. When you must comply depends on a few factors — so get my free guide here to learn what it is, when you have to fill out the form, and how to do it.


  1. Listen to this episode of my pod, On Your Terms™, to learn what the new BOI law is and how/when you need to comply. I make it super easy and painless.
  2. Get my free BOI Guide here.
  3. Get excited for my 4-part Kickstart Your Business in 2024 series starting on On Your Terms™️ next Monday, 1/8.

Talk soon!

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