My Little Changes are Really Adding Up

I know it sounds so obvious —

But it’s really wild how little changes you make can snowball, build momentum, and lead to bigger shifts.

I’ve seen this lately around my strength + fitness.

I’m one of those people who absolutely loves working out — throw anything at me: a barre class, a HIIT workout, TRX ropes… you name it, I’ll be there with a smile on my face.

But if movement and I were in a circa-2009 Facebook relationship status, it’d be: It’s Complicated.

If you’ve been here for a bit, you know that basically since 2017 my life has been a series of curveballs of epic proportions. Some directly impacted my ability to move (brain surgery) and others took me out emotionally (my Dad getting cancer / passing away).

So right before my last birthday (November), I decided to take one step in the right direction and sign up for a personal trainer. Doing so checked off a lot of boxes for me: accountability, expert advice/guidance, getting me out of the house, and socialization.

Besides the energy and physical changes I feel, it’s been really cool to see what side effects my commitment to movement has created, too.

Moving so much has me drinking more water. I put out my clothes the night before, go to bed earlier, and think ahead about what I need to have on hand before/after my workout to be nourished.

Even though my sessions are eating up time during my workday, the energy I feel afterward makes me that much more productive anyway.

I see this all the time when it comes to building your online business, too. The little steps you’re taking every day — they’ll add up to big results down the line.

The same goes when it comes to legally protecting your online business.

You might think you need to make big, massive legal moves — when in reality you just need to focus on your legal foundation (and add on as you go — once that momentum gets going 😉).

What Legal Steps You Need To Protect Your Business

I’d even be willing to bet that a few small legal steps for your business —

✔️ registering it
✔️ getting professionally drafted contracts
✔️ choosing the right business insurance
✔️ having an ongoing resource for all your biz & legal Qs
✔️ protecting your website with all three (yes, there are 3) policies

— would push that ball down hill a little bit faster for you.

Sometimes we think we have to make big, drastic overhauls in order to see any positive change or momentum.

For instance, you don’t have to have multiple offers, services, group programs, memberships, and a dozen digital products right out of the gate. As thrilling as that sounds — and as excited as you might be to grow an epic business — allow yourself some breathing room.

If I’ve learned anything this year, it’s to focus more on the small steps that add up, roll downhill, and gain traction.

And, just like how I feel much more productive after prioritizing movement, you might find that getting the essential legal steps out of the way creates more room for creativity in your biz.

You’ve got this!

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