My Stolen Invention

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I’ve been spending lots of time in the hospital with my Mom lately and that’s meant…

Watching lots of cheesy TV commercials 😆

If you’ve been here for a bit, you already know about my childhood love affair with infomercials.

They’re what set off the marketing alarm bells in my mind at such a young age (urgency! differentiators! problem -> agitate -> solution! customer social proof!).

But last week in the hospital – we saw an awful commercial of a different type:

A commercial advertising a stolen invention of mine…. well, sort of. 😉

My Stolen Invention

Since I was a kid, I invented things left and right. I wanted to invent some super helpful product that would change lives, and in the process change mine.

There was the ice cube tray that made tubular ice cubes to easily slide into your water bottle (they have these now 🥴), the washing machine conveyor belt that would transfer your clean/wet laundry to your dryer for you (I still want this 🤣), and more recently — my idea to create concentrated versions of your favorite toiletries to mix with water for easier travel.

My first product? Concentrated mouth wash.

So last week when I was sitting in the hospital with my Mom watched the umpteenth episode of Grey’s Anatomy (her fav, not mine), imagine how shocked I was to see the new Scope Squeez commercial parading “my” invention around.

Dang it, there goes another one 🤣

As much as I wish I’d actually invented all of these things, I know I didn’t (but I appreciate you letting me dream with you for a moment and for entertaining my sense of humor!).

In the online business world, we might not be inventing washing machines and mouth washes, but we are putting out LOTS and lots of content, programs, videos, podcasts, etc.

And the truth is, they actually get stolen sometimes.

And you know what’s worse than actually get your stuff stolen? Not knowing what to do about it.

That’s why I sat down and laid out my exact step-by-step guide of what to do if copycats steal your content in this week’s episode of my podcast, On Your Terms™️.

🎧 You can listen / read the transcript here.

Are you going to listen/have you yet?! Comment below and let me know! 🙂

🎙 Listen to Episode 107 “What to do if someone steals your business’ content” of On Your Terms™️ here!👇

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