Nana’s Feedback is No Joke

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It flurried in parts of New York last week for the first time. 🤩 Which made me feel extra validated to sport my “sweater band” while I worked on my book:

Nana’s Feedback is No Joke

Nana’s Feedback is No Joke

I’m working hand in hand with my editor, Nana on chapters 4-8 right now.

She gives me TONS of constructive feedback.

Which has actually been fascinating. I mean, it’s the first time since law school that I’ve gotten constructive feedback on my work. Grades don’t exist in the online space. And chances are, YOU’RE the “higher up” who’s running the show. Doesn’t leave much room for performance reviews… Am I right?

I feel like you’d “get it.”

So this book-writing process made me realize…

I’ve gotten sort of comfortable writing however I want inside my business, without any helpful, qualified feedback. So it’s been both a humbling and HUGELY helpful, educational process writing this.📚

Speaking of educational processes…

If you’re using SOME of the December slow down to make 2024 smarter, here’s a small “curriculum” I put together just for you. Enjoy!

It’s not feedback from Nana (sorry!)

But it’s pretty helpful in clarifying your CEO responsibilities when it comes to your taxes, mixed with ​a permission slip to let “your revenue be your revenue”​ while you care more about crushing that incredible vanilla eggnog Hood has out. 🤤

​This one’s 15 mins on 2x speed​ and ​that one’s 10​. Go listen while you’re whipping up lunch.

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