Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Finds

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Hi friends! I needed to write something a little light and fun this week, so hopefully you’re OK with that ; ) Maybe you’ve heard already, but the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is here! YAY!

I don’t buy nearly as much as I used to these days. For one: starting your own businesses automatically cuts out a lot of frivolous shopping ? And two, since I’m happier in my day-to-day life (aka. not being an attorney anymore), I don’t want to buy as much stuff as I used to. I thought I’d do a round up of some of the fun things I have my eye on during the sale.

But when I do buy something, I try to buy high-quality products from a good company. Nordstrom fits the bill. I thought I’d do a round up of some of the fun things I have my eye on during the sale.

I tried to pick things that would be great for you — a busy, hard working entrepreneur & #bossbabe. Someone who wants pretty, elegant, and simple things in her home and office that make her feel light, inspired, and rejuvenated. Hopefully these fit the bill ; )

Here it goes…

Zella Live In High Waist Leggings

These leggings are the things dreams are made of. I pretty much live in them these days. I had to institute a work-at-home rule for myself shortly after becoming an entrepreneur: you can dress as comfortably as you want, but it has to be in something you’d be willing to wear out in the world. These Zella leggings are exactly what I needed:

nordstrom anniversary sale sam vander wielen

Zella Pace Tank

These simple tanks are perfect for running errands, taking my walk breaks, and working from home:

nordstrom anniversary sale finds sam vander wielen diy legal templates

Madewell Paint Stripe Tote

This tote is perfect for meetings, coffee shop work dates, and everything in between…

nordstrom anniversary sale sam vander wielen llc

Sole Society Ivan Faux Leather Backpack

Since I’ve had so much neck pain for awhile now, I’ve gotten really into small backpacks as an alternative to a purse. These are great to throw an iPad, MacBook, or a notebook in when you’re an entrepreneur on the go…

sam vander wielen nordstrom anniversary sale finds

Skagen Watches

I’m obsessed with anything and everything Skagen. They make the sleekest watches at great prices. I love the Scandi look & feel, too. Here are 3 I love (although they’re almost all on sale!)….

nordstrom anniversary sale
nordstrom anniversary sale
nordstrom anniversary sale

Serene House Astro Aromatherapy Diffuser

This would be a great addition to any home office or work place…. #goodvibes all around

nordstrom anniversary sale

Simpatico Hobnail Glass Candles

I can never have enough pretty candles around my office & home. These are a perfect size and come in plenty of beautiful colors…

nordstrom anniversary sale

Archipelago Botanicals Diffuser

I keep one of these in each of our bathrooms & my office to add a subtle, fresh scent…

nordstrom anniversary sale

I could go on forever, but I thought these were some of the coolest things I found during Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale! Have you picked up anything yet from their sale? Did any of these items speak to you? Let me know what else you find!



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