Ok If I Just Say Hi?

Woman writing at desk with text overlay "Ok If I Just Say Hi?"

I’m off to our neighborhood holiday party tonight, and I need to go whip up the vin chaud I told them I’d make.

(vin chaud is basically hot mulled wine.🍷 I learned to make it when I lived in France!)


Ok If I Just Say Hi?

I know I’m supposed to send you some long-winded email about how this week’s podcast episode is worth at least skipping to timestamp 22:58 where Keila (a CPA) tells you the ONE thing she wants you to have on lock before hiring a bookkeeper.

But today I just wanted to say hi (hi!), and let you be the judge of that.

And if your small business taxes are confusing the crap out of ya (and rightfully so!)…then go ahead and click here to listen. We talk about that too.

I think you’ll especially like the part where Keila talks about how much you should be paying yourself as a business owner.

Meanwhile, I’m speeding through my book-writing today. I’m extra motivated, knowing I’ll be diving into a spread of Middle Eastern food later. (I helped my neighbors pick the catering. And have been salivating over this since early November 🤣).

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