On Blogging for Blogging’s Sake

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Blogging is dead, haven’t you heard? All you’re supposed to care about are email sequences, sales funnels, the number of email subscribers you have… OH, and don’t forget. You have to have a huge, huge following on social media, too. And if each blog post isn’t for the purpose of getting more people on your email list, then forget it.

Wait, what?!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been super frustrated lately by all of the “one size fits all” business claims I see online. You know the ones. They’re the systems, courses, social media posts, etc. that claim if you do A + B + C, you’ll have 5-figure months and a super successful business.

Is Blogging Dead?

I’ve seen so many posts out there lately urging people to either stop blogging altogether or to make sure each post has a specific opt-in or purpose to drive people to your email list —-> funnel —-> course.

When ‘they’ say “blogging is dead,” what they really are saying is, “blogging isn’t the way to make money anymore.”

But what about those entrepreneurs who love to write? Or who love to inspire and motivate people with the written word? What about just writing about something because you love sharing your experience, journey, or wisdom with others? Or what if you just love to blog because you find it therapeutic even for yourself? 

Not everything you do as an entrepreneur has to be part of a perfectly executed and intentional plan. Maybe you just love to write blog posts once per month or when the mood strikes. Maybe you still blog multiple times per week and share every meal as a way to inspire others.

But whatever it is, you do it because you love it. Just like you don’t need to listen to claims that you have to blog 5x/week to gain a following, you also don’t have to listen to people saying “blogging is dead” if you really like doing it.

I am lucky to call many successful (and I mean that using my own definition of success – I don’t necessarily mean wealthy) coaches + entrepreneurs my friends. Not one of them built their business the same way as another.

In fact, talking to them helps bring me back to online-business-world-earth. 

When I talk to them, they talk about how many of their businesses were so different when they started. Some of them started blogs to chronicle their new healthy living journey. Many started websites, businesses, or blogs on completely different topics than they work on now. Some blogged 1x/day (or more!) and some hardly ever posted.

And I’d say 99% of them didn’t have funnels or sequences in place when they got started.

And some of the people I look up to the most didn’t write blog posts with the intention of making money off of it. Most of them did it because something inside of them moved them to do so. To share their voice, experience, or journey with others. Or even just to chronicle it for themselves, friends & family.

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So yeah, maybe the industry has changed a bit and people aren’t flocking to posts the same way they are social media, videos, and webinars.

But I’m here to say that if you like writing, and you want to continue to share your story or knowledge that way, do it. Not everything has to be purely money driven. 

What about just focusing on putting our your best content – whether that’s a blog post, podcast, or anything in between? Shouldn’t you focus more on quality than putting in less than 100% on something because you’re not passionate about it?

And who knows – trends come and go. Maybe blogging will be “alive” again (whatever that means!). Even if some of your readers have left, you probably still have plenty who look forward to each post.

And really, those are the ones who are in your tribe, love what you have to say, and are interested in working with you however they can. I’d rather write because I love to than force myself to fit today’s popular mode of communication. That’s not what people want to see (me trying to squeeze myself into whatever is popular). If they connect with me somehow over something, they want me to be my authentic self. And I wouldn’t want it any other way, either.

I know I still read my favorite blogs the same way I used to. And even for those bloggers who used to post everyday (and I was there to read each one!) who have pulled back, I just read whenever they post. Sure, they might not post 2x/daily recaps of their day, but I find that their posts now are more emotional or moving. Each one is super interesting to read.

But hey, that’s just me! I’m not the most regular blogger. I blog when I think I have something to write that will help you, or when I feel moved to share something. At the end of the day, that’s why I became an entrepreneur (to help others through my passion for entrepreneurship + business + health).

If I wanted to think about everything as purely financial, I’d go back to being a lawyer at a big law firm.

So what do you think? Do you love to write posts, however frequent or infrequent they are? Do you still blog? If so, why? 

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  1. I like to blog now as I discovered I really like writing where I don’t have to worry about someone else editing it. I can just write what I like!

    1. Yes, exactly! And even if blogging leads to money (which is great!) it doesn’t have to be the only motivation. Maybe it’s to build your tribe, reach your target audience, share your passion, help people, etc. Thanks so much for reading!! : )

  2. I see blogging as a way to start out when one has a new business and wants to get some content out and see what her ideal clients like. I am 6 months in on my biz and I’ve just recently started writing again. I know I should have done it sooner but at least I’m doing it now.
    Blogging isn’t dead. It just has a different purpose now, I guess. More of expertise building rather than simply money generation.
    Love your outlook on it 😉

    1. Thanks so much, Jen! I love that you’re blogging as part of your marketing. That’s so important! Of course, if someone doesn’t like to write– there are other ways! But writing posts is still a great way to reach your target audience (not to mention improve your SEO!). Thanks so much for sharing. Can’t wait to read your posts! : )

  3. I hate that blogging became driven by money. I am happy that it’s becoming obvious that it’s not all about money for people. I do it because I love it not because I want money out of it.

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