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BIG NEWS! My new podcast “On Your Terms” is coming soon!

On Your Terms podcast hosted by Sam Vander Wielen coming soon!

It’s here! 🎉 For months, I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to share the big news with you: I’m coming out with a podcast called On Your Terms!

The trailer for my new podcast, On Your Terms, is out and ready to stream into your earbuds!

On Your Terms is the show for you as a coach or entrepreneur who wants to build a legally legit online business that brings you the freedom and flexibility to live life your own way. My brand new podcast goes live officially on Monday, July 26!

I can’t wait for you to listen!

I’ve been craving some unfiltered truth about online business for a while, and that was the inspiration for this podcast. So much goes on behind the scenes that no one ever talks about – so I decided to be the one to share it!

And the name, On Your Terms, is of course a play on “legal terms” but also a nod to the entrepreneurs in this community who are sick of all the BS business “gurus” telling them what they “have to” do to be successful, that there’s only ONE way to get there, or even what “success” even means… (as if anyone can define that but YOU!)

When what you really want is to build a business on your own terms. One that supports your fulfilling life.

Each week, you’ll get a new episode of On Your Terms where we’ll discuss things like:

  • Answers to your most commonly asked legal questions so you can protect yourself and take the stress out of running a legally legit business
  • Real-time advice on current issues as they arise in our industry so you can feel confident addressing the ever-changing challenges of working online
  • No BS business advice and behind-the-scenes of my evergreen business model to show you both the wins AND the fails that nobody else talks about
  • Treating your online business like a “real” company and some of the often overlooked aspects to consider like healthcare, retirement, and succession planning
  • Plus you’ll get access to interviews with guest experts on topics relevant to your industry (because I definitely don’t know it all)

On Your Terms is like a sigh of relief for solopreneurs that will help you feel more confident putting yourself out there, launching programs, and building your business your way.

To celebrate the podcast release and say THANK YOU for being a part of this community, I’m hosting a special giveaway!

You can get access to a super secret BONUS episode of On Your Terms where I dive deep into the details and steps to build an evergreen business (like mine!) that brings in customers and sales every single day.

This bonus episode will NOT be available to the public – only those who join in on the giveaway can get it and only for a limited time.

Here’s how to enter the giveaway and get immediate access to the bonus “How I Built This Funnel” episode:

  1. Check out the On Your Terms trailer on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.
  2. Tap the “follow” button to become a follower of the show, 
  3. Screenshot the show on your podcast app, and share that you’re tuning in by @tagging @samvanderwielen on IG stories!
  4. Then we’ll send you the link to listen to the secret BONUS episode in the DMs! Don’t use Instagram? You can email a screenshot of the podcast app after you follow the show to [email protected] and we’ll email you the link to the secret episode instead!

Your review won’t just get you dibs on this secret episode, you’ll also be helping the podcast reach even more online business owners to help them get legally legit!

I’m so excited to hear what you think!

You can even listen to my brand new podcast trailer right here:

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