“On Your Terms” podcast with Sam Vander Wielen is now available!

"On Your Terms" podcast with Sam Vander Wielen is now available!

OMG – It’s podcast launch day! I’m so nerve-cited and I can’t wait to hear what you think of it after you listen!

Episode 1 of On Your Terms is out TODAY on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and samvanderwielen.com, and it’s a doozy.

We’re kicking things off with an unpopular opinion in the online business space because I’m a little sick of seeing things in our industry that don’t make sense & everyone just accepting them as gospel.

Which brings us to the (potentially controversial) topic of today’s episode… 

Community Over Competition is BS.

Yeah, I said it.

You’ve heard the catch phrase “community over competition” a million times, I’m sure. It’s usually promoted as the way we’re supposed to interact with other people who do what we do in our businesses.

They say if we want to be supportive, “abundant”, and successful we have to follow, consume, refer, and promote our peers.

I call BS.

Listen to the very first episode of On Your Terms to find out:

  • Why “community over competition” can be problematic and negatively impact you as a coach or online service-provider
  • How this showed up for me in my first business and what I’m doing differently in my current business (and what a HUGE difference it’s made)
  • My top tips for navigating this aspect of business so you can grow your business guilt-free, protect your mental & emotional energy, and more!

Click here to listen to the very first episode of On Your Terms

I want to help you re-think the dominant narrative and question this idea that’s so pervasive in our industry.

I’m ready to serve up a new way to approach your business.

Check out the episode on Spotify, Apple, or below:

P.S. There’s still time to get the secret episode of On Your Terms!

I’m giving away a BONUS episode called “How I Built This Funnel” to celebrate the launch of the podcast.

Here’s how you can get immediate access:

  1. Check out On Your Terms Episode #1 on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you listen to podcasts.
  2. Tap the “follow” button to become a follower of the show, 
  3. Screenshot the show on your podcast app, and share on IG stories that you’re tuning in and be sure to tag @samvanderwielen so we see it!
  4. Then we’ll send you the link to listen to the secret BONUS episode in the DMs! Don’t use Instagram? You can email a screenshot of the podcast app after you follow the show to [email protected] and we’ll email you the link to the secret episode instead!

I appreciate the love and support so much. Thank you!

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