Exciting News! An Online Book Club + Community for Fearless Entrepreneurs

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Hi, friends! I’m so excited to tell you about something I launched (quietly) yesterday and have wanted to start for quite some time. First, let me tell you a little about what lead me to start my new community, Fearless Femmepire*.

For the last few months, I’ve been looking for a book club locally (and still am!) that meets monthly, reads amazing novels, and has a cozy sense of community. I haven’t found anything yet! At the same time, I’m so crazy in love with the work I’m doing, and still pretty in the thick of the self-development phase of entrepreneurship, that I wanted to read and chat with other women entrepreneurs about those types of books, too.

My friends, clients, and social media buddies in the ‘industry’ live all over the world! I knew that would make it a little tough to get together to chat over books once a month ; )

So Fearless Femmepire*, an online book club + community, was born!

Who is Fearless Femmepire for?

It’s for you! The fearless (or soon-to-be) woman entrepreneur who wants to learn, grow, and connect with other entrepreneurs through books on topics like:

  • fear
  • creativity
  • imposter syndrome
  • vulnerability in business
  • self-care / wellness
  • self-development
  • business topics

What can you expect from Fearless Femmepire?

Once you join our free Facebook group, you can expect:

  • To read 1 book per month together as a group
  • To post, respond, and read discussions on the Facebook group
  • In November/December 2017, we’ll read 1 book each month and discuss it through the Facebook group.
  • Starting in January 2018, we’ll host a Facebook live book club meeting the last Thursday of each month.
  • BONUS: In January, we have December’s book author popping into the group for a live Q&A!

November’s Book Pick is…

To kick things off in November, we picked a classic and the perfect book topic to kick off a group called Fearless Femmepire: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

So what are you waiting for?

Join our free Facebook group/community, Fearless Femmepire! I’d love to see you there <3

*The Fearless Femmepire Project is no longer active as of 2021
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