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I’ve been chatting with quite a few people about a shared paranoia:

When I use something as “inspiration” for a social post — am I safe or is my “twist” too close to stealing?

I get it.

Anyone can sue.

It’d suck getting hit with a cease-and-desist letter.

And what if the big mentor YOU learned from says the stuff you talk about on Instagram is a liiiitle too close to their methods?

Would you have to take MONTHS of social media content down?

The same content that helped you rake in $15k last month?

Or (let’s bop it, twist it, and reverse it) what if someone steals ideas from YOU?


Let’s bypass all that.

There’s a difference between mimicking (which is legal) and stealing (illegal).

I put everything you need to know about it inside this 20 minute listen.⤵️

Mimicking vs stealing: Here’s how to spot the difference (a 10 minute listen if you put it on 2x speed).

Let me know if you also *eyeroll* over the beef I was hashed for using the phrase I (controversially) drop around timestamp 10:00 back in my health coaching days. 🙄

Also… does someone actually own “deadlifts?” 🤣

Not all these thoughts are fully formed, but let’s laugh about them.

🚨Super important PS! There was a new law passed in the U.S. And if you currently have an LLC, sole prop, or any type of business — you’re required to fill out this new form they’re rolling out on January 1st.

​Take a sec to download this guide I made for you. It walks you through exactly what to do.

This deserves its own email, and I’ll talk about it at length in an upcoming podcast, but since it’s time-sensitive you make this change, I wanted to make sure you got this today.👍

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