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My 5-Minute Organic Beauty Morning Routine

7 organic beauty products for a morning routine.

I don’t know about you, but the first year of owning my own business has been NUTS. In the most amazing, unexpected, exhilarating and exhausting way possible. I’ve never been one to spend too much time in front of the mirror. Comfort and coziness are my #1 priorities. Plus, I’m admittedly addicted to my business and I don’t think my MacBook really cares what I look like. I want to spend the majority of my time working, spending time with loved ones, and relaxing, not worrying about a fussy beauty routine. And since I especially prioritize and value my cozy morning routine, I need a quick beauty routine that’s healthy and simple.

My 5-Minute Organic Beauty Morning Routine

organic beauty morning routine entrepreneurs sam vander wielen diy legal templates

I’m also using the term “beauty routine” in My Organic Beauty Morning Routine loosely here. I’ve never worn makeup in my life, except for a handful of times I can easily and quickly recall: prom, my wedding day, the 2 photo shoots I’ve done for my business, and when I was a bridesmaid. Yep, that’s about it.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with makeup! I’ve just never been into it or good at it, and because of that I’ve just prioritized other things like using natural products in my skincare routine.

As I got more and more into wellness over the last 10 years, I realized I needed to “greenify” my beauty routine. What I put on my skin is just as important as what goes in my mouth. It’s actually part of my self-care regimen to use natural skincare products that are good for me and that leave me feeling good, too.

But these days, I don’t have time for a million different steps or products. If I want to have a cozy, calm morning routine (which I do pretty much every single morning), I don’t want to allocate my time to beauty. So today I thought I’d share the 7 products I use quickly and easily every single morning before I start my day that helps me focus on my natural beauty.

Each one smells or feels amazing. I use each of these every single day (these are my actually products in the photo), and this isn’t sponsored or anything like that. I’m just sharing things I’ve used, loved, and want to recommend to all of my friends (that’s you!).

As a disclaimer, I have “normal” skin, but I have read other reviews on all of these products from people with oily skin and dry skin, and there are mega fans from those skin types as well.

Here are the 7 organic beauty products I use everyday to get myself ready to tackle my day as a fearless entrepreneur…

1 // Acure Facial Cleansing Gel

I tell everyone I can about this face wash. First of all, the smell takes me straight back to Thailand, which is my favorite place in the world. It’s perfectly light, sudsy, and clean-feeling. At least for me, it doesn’t leave my skin tight or dry at all.

I’ve tried using an oil cleanser before, but I found that using a gel was best for my skin. If you’re looking for a good in-between from oil to full-on soap, this is an amazing product!

I start my ‘beauty routine’ by washing my face (either in the shower or out) with this amazing cleansing gel and then apply my toner next.

2 // Acure Facial Toner

I quickly swipe on some Acure Facial Toner that smells great (like rose water) and again, doesn’t leave my skin dry or anything. It has rose and red tea in it for skin balancing, too. Apparently they don’t make the exact one I have anymore, but this one seems to be their new version.

If you’re looking for a splurge in your skin care routine, I also recommend True Botanicals Nutrient Toner. It contains apple cider vinegar and milk thistle seed oil, so make sure your skin isn’t sensitive to those ingredients before you choose to indulge in this heavenly scented (I’m such a smell person!) toner.

3 // Ultra Sheer Daily Defense Facial Lotion (SPF 18)

Next, I put on my Andalou Naturals facial lotion, which goes on smoothly and soaks in right away. Because it’s so sheer, it’s perfect for all skin types (YAY!). I love that it has SPF 18 built-in to give me a little sun protection each day.

4 // Acure Eye Cream

I dab on a tiny (pea-sized) dot of this Acure Eye Cream under both eyes. It absorbs super quickly and doesn’t leave any shine. I can’t really say that I notice any huge difference in the appearance of my skin under my eyes because of it, but that probably has more to do with lack of sleep and stress than the moisturizer itself : )

5 // Piper Wai Natural Deodorant

sam vander wielen diy legal templates piper wai natural beauty routine

Anyone who knows me knows that my obsession for Piper Wai is serious and real. I’ve been known to basically bully people into trying it, because I know that once they do they’ll love it as much as I do (or at least they’ll be afraid to tell me otherwise). It probably helps that I’m friends with its co-creator and owner, Jess Edelstein, who’s one of the coolest, sweetest people you’ll ever meet. She’s a fellow Philly-entrepreneur, too ; )

But back to this amazing deodorant. If you guys haven’t already made the switch to natural deodorant, it’s time to hop on this train. If you need to be convinced about why natural deodorant is so much better for you than regular anti-perspirant, Piper Wai has the answer.

And it seriously smells amazing since it has lavender and rose water in it. And no, even though it has activated charcoal in it, it doesn’t stain your clothes, leave any residue, or stain your armpits. I’ve been using it for years (and so has my husband who has very sensitive skin), so no worries! If putting it on with your hands freaks you out (I swear you get used to it really fast and it’s not weird anymore), they make a stick version now, too.

If you live in Philly, they sell Piper Wai at our area Whole Foods now, too! You can also find it in a store near you, no matter where you live, here.

6 // Organic Bath Co. Zesty Morning Body Butter

Right after I get out of the shower (especially in the winter), I put this Organic Bath Co. body butter on my elbows and knees right away. A little goes a longggg way with this stuff! You really don’t need to use much to see a difference. It doesn’t leave a little bit of a sheen, but it’s actually kind of nice. I put it all over my shins and forearms about 1-2x/week, too. I’m obsessed with the Zesty Morning version because it’s grapefruit scented. Anything citrus… I’m there.

7 // Aura Cacia Lavender Essential Oil

Last but not least, I put 2-3 drops of this lavender essential oil on my wrists before I head downstairs to start my cozy morning and then get to work. Obviously, it smells amazing. But I love that the subtle, calming scent lingers throughout the day. I can also take a deep breath of it anytime I feel like I need to re-center or collect myself after a stressful situation.

And that’s a wrap! It usually takes me 5 minutes or so to breeze through this easy, clean beauty routine. After that, I’m off to head downstairs to my kitchen and living room. I usually make myself coffee, heat up my lavender shoulder blanket, and watch CBS This Morning. I relax with my husband, eat breakfast, slowly enjoy my coffee, and then get down to work.

What else do you use to simplify your beauty routine? I’d love to hear about what products I’m missing or something you think I should try! Are you a face oils type of person? I’m so scared to try oil at night because I know I’d definitely have stains on my pillow the next morning, but I’ve heard so many people rave about it (I’m so curious!). Would any of these products help you to have a faster, cleaner beauty routine? Let me know in the comments below!

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