Picture this: Your Biggest Launch Ever!

Picture This Your Biggest Launch Ever!

Hi friends! I still have scars on my hips from all the raspberries I racked up, diving for each and every ball, trying to keep it from hitting the floor.

It was a very sweaty, hot July in Houston, Texas (are there other kinds of July’s there?) and 15-year-old me was there to play volleyball in the National Championships.

There was no one practice, game, or strategy that landed me on one of the best teams in the country playing at Nationals — or that lead me to China that year to play for a national team.

It was probably the hundreds (thousands??) of practices, equally as many games, and even more mistakes that lead me to that moment.

You see, big moments are made in the lead up, not in the moments themselves.

It’s the hard work you put into something that makes that thing go really well.

And it’s really not any different in business.

Back in February, I had my best launch ever — nearly $300k in a week.

But it took me 7 years, full-time employees & a team, lots of money spent, and mistakes you haven’t heard about to get there.

And even more immediately — it took a hyper-focused, intentional (what I call) Step 0 strategy in the lead-up to the launch to knock it out of the park.

Picture this: Your Biggest Launch Ever!

I want to teach you my Step 0 strategy so whether you have a launch coming up next month, or later this year, you can have all the pieces in place you need to have your most successful launch ever, too — regardless of the number of dollar signs.

The first episode of my new 4-part series over on my podcast, On Your Terms® is out! This series teaches you how to plan, tease, and sell for your best launch ever, too.

Once you listen here, will you comment below and let me know how you liked it?

With that, let’s get into our legal Q&A and online biz news! ⤵️

Legal Q&A

Q: Ruth asked, “As a freelance bookkeeper, I have professional liability insurance (E&O). But I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t even understand the policy documents. My questions are: do you have any tips for helping us understand insurance documents? And do you recommend the addition of cyber insurance?”

A: Ruth, I’m proud of you for having insurance! First, head to the Declarations Page. It’s like the policy overview and tells you what your policy limits are, what your deductible is, etc.

Lots of the policy language is boilerplate. I’d recommend skipping to the “what’s covered” section. And pay special attention to the definitions (ie, what’s an “event,” “occurrence,” “error”? etc)

When reading a policy, pay attention to what’s covered (check the “endorsements” section, too), what’s expressly not covered (check the “exclusions” section, too), and what’s unclear. Ask your insurance agent if you’re unsure.

As for cyber insurance – I’d recommend asking your insurance agent about your level of risk. I didn’t get cyber insurance until my business was further along, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to! Hope this helps.

BTS: The Ultimate Bundle®

The Ultimate Bundle® is the go-to legal program for online business owners to get protected. It gives you 13 DIY Legal Contract templates, access to me for support, lifetime access to the training, free updates & more.

One of the things our Bundle members love the most is the updated info I add to the Bundle as online laws change.

That way, you don’t have to worry about the changes headed your way – we’ve got you covered!

BOI Guide Confidence

On Your Terms® Podcast

Epi 208. Launch Series Pt. 1 | Behind the Scenes of a $300,000 Digital Product Launch

In Part 1 of this 4-part launch series, we’ll break down the data on my $300k launch with my Director of Operations, Lindsey, and share how we got to those numbers. With my Step 0 strategy, we’ll make sure you can hit your sales goals — and discuss how to even create realistic sales goals in the first place.



  • The ($0) Becoming Boss Bundle has officially landed with mindset tools AND powerful business strategies to help you grow your business. There are over $6,000 of products you can grab for free. But don’t wait because this is only available until this Thursday, April 11.



  • After feeling down lately about climate change and hard things in the news, my heart was restored last week in Chicago when I caught sight of a group of women not only bringing warm meals to a group of unhoused people, but sitting to eat together, too. As I walked by, I heard them introducing themselves to one another as they broke bread on the sidewalk. It was a good reminder to take action about things you care about — just feeling bad doesn’t help anyone.
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