Looking for a Client Questionnaire that will add value to your coaching program & bring you clarity on what they want? It’s here.


My Client Questionnaire Bundle includes two (2) done-for-you questionnaire packets — one to send when you start working with a client & one to send at the end of your program. This is not a legal document and doesn’t legally cover you — it’s a welcome form you send to your clients. You’ll also receive my “How-To” Video Tutorials on how to use these Questionnaires to grow your business! You can easily customize it & add your own branding or logo! Made with love, sweat & tears by an online entrepreneur (& former corporate attorney!) for entrepreneurs.


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This done-for-you Client Questionnaire Bundle adds a ton of value to your health coaching package & clarity to start your coaching relationship with new clients. You can download it now & use it “as-is” or customize it to make it your own. Add a little branding or styling of your choosing and VOILA! You’re ready to send it out to new clients today.


A new client questionnaire is NOT a legal document. It’s more like a ‘welcome form’ you send to clients to….

  • Clearly set out the client’s expectations & goals before you start.
  • Gather important info on your clients.
  • Allow the client to reflect about their current lifestyle, mindset, eating habits, and fitness.
  • Help your clients track their own progress with the goal setting worksheet.
  • Gather feedback on YOUR coaching skills towards the end of your program.


As a coach, you have to know what your clients want, expect, and need to change. Without it, you’ll go into your first few sessions not being clear on what your client wants, what they expect out of health coaching, and what’s worked for them in the past. With it, you’re armed with so much helpful information from the start. You can really hit the ground running with all of these clear expectations up front. Clients also love the immediate value. These questionnaires are a great way to add value to your signature coaching program by letting prospective clients know that once they sign up, you’ll send them this packet right away.


  • “New Client Questionnaire” – 1 done-for-you (but customizable) .docx downloadable file to send to your new clients before you start working together. If you want to change the wording of a question or add a new one, it’s all yours!
  • “Post-Assessment Questionnaire”1 done-for-you (but customizable) .docx downloadable file to send to your clients at the end of your coaching program. It’s a time for the client to reflect, set future goals, & provide you (the Coach!) with valuable feedback!
  • A ‘How-To’ Video Tutorial where I walk you through how to use these Questionnaires to strengthen your client relationships. I show you where you can customize the Questionnaire to make it your own & a little about why each of these questions/sections are important for a successful health coaching program. I hand out plenty of coaching and business tips along the way, too!
  • BONUS: I’m unlocking a bunch of my top coaching strategy secrets in the How-To Tutorial included with your purchase to help you win with clients.
  • BONUS #2: Legally Legit Checklist to make sure your business is on the right track.

These done-for-you, but totally customizable, pre & post-assessment Questionnaires include…

⇒Space to collect important client information.
⇒Over 11 open-ended journaling questions/exercises on food, fitness, stress, and self-care to learn the most you can about your clients before working with them.
⇒A “Personal, Motivation, & Goals” section.
⇒A “Stress, Energy, & Self-Care” section.
⇒An actionable goals worksheet.
⇒A free writing or journaling space for your clients to draw, sketch, or tell you anything else that’s on their mind!


I did! I’m a health coach too, so I know exactly what you need. I’ve used this exact Questionnaire to coach all of my own clients & know first hand how useful they all found it! I’ve included the best questions/prompts I’ve used with my own clients.


I’m sending you TWO documents – one to use before you start working with a new client, and one to send to clients at the end of your time together. I email the New Client Q to clients, along with any other materials I send, and ask for it back before our first session together. I also give them the option to keep it private — it’s totally up to them! I send the post-assessment Q to clients with ~2 weeks left in our time together. I’ll walk you through my go-to strategy in the How-To Video Tutorial that’s included with your purchase!


I primarily designed these questionnaires for health/wellness coaches, but they are also perfect for fitness coaches, wellness professionals, life coaches, clarity coaches, and business coaches.

IMPORTANT: This document is a downloadable, customizable general template for you to make your own & to fit your business. Purchase of this or any other document from this Site does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Sam Vander Wielen. The documents, or anything on this Site, should not be construed as legal advice. You should have all documents you use or prepare reviewed by a local attorney to ensure they comply with State and local laws where you live and work. Sam Vander Wielen is licensed to practice law in New Jersey. Use of this Site, and purchase of any documents, are subject to these Terms & Conditions.

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