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How to Sign Contracts Online

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You DID it! You secured the contract with the high-profile new client on that sales call and you’re thrilled.

As in, happy-dancing-around-your-office-to-Lizzo-texting-your-friends-to-humblebrag thrilled.

The cat’s in the bag and you’re about to get paid, my friend!

But wait…

Are you forgetting something? A legit contract, perhaps?

You see, the way that you format, write, send, and sign your contracts for your online business is JUST as important as closing that sales call.

And while a lot of online coaches want to just focus on getting sales and tell you that’s all you need, I’ve got your back with the super critical legal foundation you need not only to hold up this client relationship that you’re forming and keep you legally legit for the future.

Why do I care so much about the contracts?

It’s not *just* because I’m an attorney and I’ve seen first-hand that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong in court.

It’s because contracts are:

  • what ensure you get PAID.
  • how your client knows how to TREAT YOU.
  • how you lay out BOUNDARIES.
  • where you’d arbitrate any disputes that arise during your relationship.

So really the whole thing hinges on a properly written and signed contract. And if you sign that contract online, it’s even more important you know how.

So how exactly do you create and sign clients on with legally legit contracts?

Tap play right here to watch my latest YouTube episode all about how to sign contracts online, then hit subscribe and leave a comment to let me know what you learned!

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In that workshop, you’ll learn: 

  1. How contracts can actually save your (vegan, GF) bacon — if you have the right one.
  2. What your website needs to be legally protected.
  3. How to keep copycats off your content.
  4. The mindset shift you’ve got to make if you want to actually grow your  business without looking over your (online) shoulder.
  5. The only way to form your business so that you’re personally and professionally protected.

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