The Marketing Lessons I Learned from the Cheesecake Factory and How They Can Benefit Your Business

Woman standing with text overlay "The Marketing Lessons I Learned from the Cheesecake Factory and How They Can Benefit Your Business"

Between walking picky diners to their chosen booth and learning why we never ask people if they “want” a dessert menu, I picked up some valuable tips that I apply to my own business every day. As the CEO of your business, you’re the visionary, the vibe, and the values. You’ve got to chart out the road trip route, but you can hire other people to drive the car for you.

Why Being the Marketer in Chief is Essential for Every Stage of Your Business

That said, there are certain things you can’t 100% outsource or just “hire away” in your business, and to me, marketing is one of them. In my opinion, every CEO needs to be the Marketer in Chief in every single stage of their business. In my latest podcast episode, “I Can Do It Better Myself” (What to Outsource + Do Yourself), I share how and why I maintain the Chief Marketing Officer role while also leaning into and relying on the wisdom and support of my incredible marketing team.

So, what do you need to hang onto, and what should you absolutely outsource? I break it down in my latest episode and share my perspective on what roles you need to keep your eyes on, for how long, and which ones you’ve got to get off your plate (faster than that Chinese Chicken Salad!).

As the CEO, it’s important to remember that your business is an extension of you. Your vision and values should be reflected in everything that you do. So, I encourage you to take a listen to my latest podcast episode and discover what you can do yourself and what you can outsource to your team. Trust me, it’s a game-changer.

Learn More about Outsourcing in Episode 95 of On Your Terms

So, head on over to the On Your Terms™ podcast and listen to Episode 95 “I Can Do It Better Myself” (What to Outsource + Do Yourself). Send me a DM on Instagram or comment below to let me know what you think and feel free to share your own experience with outsourcing and doing things yourself. Let’s continue the conversation!

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