The Most Important Thing You Can Do for Other Entrepreneurs

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How do you treat other businesses? Do you think other entrepreneurs should give you a discount, but you don’t want to discount your own? Are you working on your own value and worthiness — but don’t respect that of others?

Once you own your own business, start to notice:

  • do you ask solopreneurs for discounts or to add more to your services for free?
  • do you shoot off emails or DMs that could be considered rude or entitled? (My personal favorite was one complaining that my free on-demand workshop was too long! LOL.)
  • do you respect entrepreneurs’ time, space and boundaries?
  • do you buy local/small when you can?

This is something I think about *all* the time, now.

The Most Important Thing You Can Do for Other Entrepreneurs

Now that I have my own business and I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of every single thing I mentioned above, I watch my Ps and Qs when I deal with other business owners.

I don’t use coupon codes for small businesses (that’s my choice), I don’t ask for a discount, I take responsibility when I screw something up and I don’t blame it on them.

If I’ve done my homework then I know someone is worth it and I want to pay them for their work/time/product.

You have a new responsibility now that you’re an entrepreneur. You’re a part of a really cool, exclusive club. And that club needs some r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

So next time you’re about to hit “SEND” on an email asking for a discount, telling someone their FREE thing should have been MORE valuable to you, ask yourself: “how would it feel if someone sent this to me now or in the future? How can I except people to value my stuff if I don’t value others’?

As my business has grown, I feel like people have only gotten more comfortable doing this kind of stuff.

And I think there’s an important lesson in that part:

You will one day be where that person is that you’re shooting off that message to.

Remember that. And remember how you’ll want to be treated.

HOW you do this is completely up to you. It’s a personal choice with how and where you want to put your energy. Of course I can’t and don’t buy every single thing I own from a small shop.

But I do focus on a few key areas where my purchase power can make a difference (I.e., books since I read a lot, coffee since I drink a ton, veggies from a local farmer, plants etc.).

But this conversation is about something so much bigger than just what you purchase and where.

It’s your consciousness. Your awareness that you’re in this together and you respect and want to be respected.

I know you’re working hard to build your own business. And I know you want more clients, followers, traffic, etc.

Just remember that so do I, so does she, and so on. If you want to attract the kind of high-vibe clients who are a “YES!” and see your value — see where you’re blocking that type of energy to others.

And a big PS. This isn’t about saying ‘yes’ and paying for everything you see. But if you see something, need it, and respect its value: treat the transaction as you would want to be treated when it comes back around.

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