The *Real* Business Flex IMO Is

Woman standing against wall with text overlay "The Real Business Flex IMO Is..."

Finding ways to increase your business’s revenue is impressive.

But the real flex is when you learn how to create a business that runs:

⚡️ A little more automated.

💸 A little more predictably.

😅 A little more … without you having to be SO heavily involved.

After the 2020-2022 business boom exhaustion, I know more and more of us are craving those three things – am I right?

The question we start to ask ourselves (and everyone else) is: how do we make it happen?

In today’s Online Marketing Summer School podcast series, I’m re-airing one of the most beneficial episodes *I think* I’ve ever recorded…

Episode 135: How to Stand Out + Attract Your Ideal Clients Organically

Take it from someone who learned (the hard way) how to go from 9 to 5 to 7-figures in four years – it’s totally possible.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why most business owners approach finding clients backwards
  • Where I went (terribly) wrong in my first business
  • How to differentiate your business from the start
  • Creating content geared toward your ideal client

… and more!

You can listen to the episode on AppleSpotify, or directly on my podcast page.

Once you do, send me a DM on Instagram and let me know your #1 takeaway from the episode!

Happy listening!

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