The Top Legal Mistakes To Avoid For Online Businesses (I Want To Help You Stay Out Of Legal Trouble!)

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I used to button up my Banana Republic polyester skirt suit as s-l-o-w-l-y as I possibly could. Knowing that once I finished the last button I’d have no other way to stall and I’d have to head out the door. 

Approaching my office felt like walking through mud. I could barely lift my feet to take the steps that led to my office in Philly where I worked as a corporate attorney. 

Settling into my desk, I choked down my emotions as I opened my computer for another day at the office. It felt like I was living someone else’s life, and in painful slow motion.

See, when I was a big bad corporate attorney, I spent my days filing lawsuits where I tried to bust up people’s LLCs and go after them personally.

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Screenshots of their incriminating Facebook comments…

Copies of emails they sent…

I was gathering data — aka little notes and memos these business owners sent naively every day — that was later used against them in the courtroom.

Yeah…. A far cry from the caring, encouraging work I do today.

Honestly, I’m not proud of it. 

That feeling of disconnect from my work is part of why I left the law.

But I want to tell this unflattering story because you deserve to know the truth of what happens in business litigation. (plus, I see my work now as my do-over!)

Top Legal Mistakes To Avoid For Online Businesses

When I set out to build this business 2.5 years ago, I swore that I’d take all that stuff-I’m-not-so-proud-of  attorney knowledge and help you use it to your advantage.

So today I want to teach you how to make sure no big bad scary attorney can ever pierce your LLC and go after you personally. Whether you’ve got an LLC yet or not (better to learn now!).

Because it’s actually really simple to prevent something like this from happening to you. And yet it’s one of the TOP legal mistakes I see being made online.

You just need a formerly big bad scary attorney to give you the dirt and tell you how…

That’s why I created my new free guide where I teach you the Top Legal Mistakes to Avoid for Online Businesses.

In my new guide, I’m teaching you the top 6 things I see going legally haywire online. With the hope that you’ll avoid them like Jennifer Aniston running into Brad Pitt at Whole Foods. (She probably doesn’t shop at Whole Foods right? Maybe Erewhon? Or do you think she’s a Prime girl? You get the point.)

One of the top legal mistakes I see online is when you assume that because you have an LLC (or that when you GET an LLC), you can wash your hands of legal and move on.

But I want you to take 1 minute and read this new guide to learn how to ACT like an LLC, not just BE an LLC. So you can avoid those scary attorneys from coming after you personally.

I want to bust the myth right now that running an online business legally has to be expensive, hard, time consuming, or come at the expense of growth. Because it absolutely doesn’t have to be. 

In this guide, I’m teaching you the most common mistakes even EXPERIENCED online business owners are making. And why these mistakes are so dangerous, and how to fix them! 

You CAN have the peace of mind that you’re avoiding the most common legal pitfalls — (I’ve seen 6- and 7-figure experienced entrepreneurs making these mistakes too) — so you can grow your business with confidence. 

While nobody’s perfect, I’m sure you’d like to avoid the thousands of dollars of legal fees and anxiety that lawsuits bring, right? 

That’s why you’re here right now friend — to learn what the common mistakes are so you can avoid them. 

Once you do, I’d love to hear about your “Aha” moments and stay in touch about your progress! 

But I’ll tell you more about how you can do that in a minute. First, let’s go over the top 6 mistakes I see online business owners making all the time. And how to fix them, once you download this guide ??…


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