Website Policies Coaches Really Need (Hint: Not Just a Privacy Policy)

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Website Policies Coaches Really Need

So, you’re trying to figure out exactly what your website needs in terms of website policies to be legally protected.

You want to keep copy cats from stealing your content, and make sure that people are paying you and paying you on time.

In my latest YouTube episode below, I’ll teach you the 3 website policies that all coaches and creatives must have, not only to be legally legit, but to protect your brand as well.

I’ve helped 1000s of online coaches and creatives learn how to legally protect not only their businesses, but their websites too.

And today, it’s your turn. So let’s hop right in and learn exactly what your website needs to be legally legit, as I call it.

Website Policies Coaches Really Need (Hint: Not Just a Privacy Policy)

Watch my latest YouTube episode on website policies right here:

So, what was your #1 takeaway about website policies? Comment below to let me know!

I help women implement these website policies and contracts for their business through my DIY legal templates and my Ultimate Bundle Program.

All of my legal templates are instant download fill-in-the-blank, and take less than 15 minutes to complete. You can also check out my Ultimate Bundle™ program, which gives you all 3 website policies AND all the contracts you need.

So now that you know what 3 website policies you need to have and what they really mean, how do you go use them to legally protect your business?

I’ve created a free on-demand workshop for you called The First 5 Steps To Legally Protect And Grow Your Online Business. You can pick a day and a time that works for you to watch my free workshop right here.

In the workshop I’ll teach you my 5-step strategy to legally protect and grow your online brand. Everything from the mindset shift you have to make before you get legal, to contracts, website policies and copyrights. I give it ALL away!

Any questions? Drop me a comment below.

If you haven’t already, head to my YouTube channel, hit subscribe, and check out my latest bite-sized legal tips every single Tuesday.

See you next Tuesday for my brand-new episode!

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