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What Are People Looking For in Online Fitness Classes?

What Are People Looking For in Online Fitness Classes

Is your DREAM to start an online fitness business? Are you looking for tips on how to best serve your students? Then, read on, because today’s post is for you.

We do everything online these days, especially since the COVID-19 period, when everyone was stuck at home and frantically looking to stay active. And now that people have had a taste of working out in their living rooms, there’s no going back!

So for fitness pros like yourself, it’s the perfect time to take your classes virtual and grow your online fitness empire and clientele beyond your city. However, that can only happen if you know how to serve what people crave! 

But with so many streaming and on-demand options out there, how do you carve out your spot and stand out? What exactly are people looking for when they log on to sweat it out? Knowing exactly what your audience wants in digital sessions is what sets thriving coaches apart! 

Answering the above questions will make your classes stand out from the crowd while you fast-track results and accumulate raving reviews! Because, after all, more positive fitness transformations equal more word of mouth, which equals MORE money!

So today, I’m sharing a round-up of things that people are looking for when choosing online fitness classes so you can set yourself up for success. Here’s what I’ve learned after YEARS of working with online fitness coaches just like you! 

What are people looking for in online fitness classes

What Are People Looking For in Online Fitness Classes?

Online training feels tricky at first, but just know you’re not alone. I’ve got you covered! So, as a coach, how do you connect with clients remotely? Trainees want the full experience without stepping foot in a gym. This leaves many fitness instructors wondering: What do people want most from online fitness classes? What makes them eager to log on and keep coming back? Let me break it down for you:

Flexibility and Convenience

While some people still dig heading to a traditional gym, many want the flexibility and convenience of personal training that virtual fitness classes offer. Rushing to the gym at 6 AM before work or finding childcare for sessions can be a major stressor. No one’s got time for that hassle!

People want the freedom to crush workouts anytime that works for their schedule mornings, lunch breaks, after the kids are in bed, whenever. And home or outdoor workouts are just easier to fit in. That’s why many people are switching to online fitness classes.

An online platform becomes even more appealing if signing up is simple, and they don’t have to drop a ton of cash upfront. This is especially true because your booking page is a potential client’s first impression. Complex sign-up methods are a quick turn-off!

So remember, flexibility and convenience are huge priorities nowadays. Your online offerings need to make working out from home or outdoors completely accessible on their own time. That’s how you’ll hook busy, on-the-go clients seeking easy fitness solutions!


Working out solo at home can get old really fast. That’s why people sign up for online classes looking to connect with others. They want to feel part of a squad, even if they never meet in real life.

As their coach, you can build community by responding to questions, getting personal, and dishing out encouragement during and after class.

You can also leverage social media to foster community by sharing relevant content and engaging with clients outside of class time. This helps them feel seen, heard, and appreciated!

Licensed Instructors 

Online classes give people access to high-quality trainers beyond just their local options. But, clients need to trust you’ll guide them safely from afar. No one wants to sustain injuries all because their trainer is a complete novice!

This means you’ve got to be an attentive, highly-skilled pro. Get licensed, insured, and certified before teaching online. You can even ask other virtual instructors for safety tips, too. When clients know you’re a trained pro who’s got their back, they’ll feel secure signing up for your online classes!

Personalized 1-on-1 Sessions

One-on-one training allows you to focus completely on each client’s specific needs and goals. Taking that extra time shows them you truly care. And customers who feel heard are loyal for life!

Consider including 1-on-1 sessions in your packages or as a side offer or add-on. Clients who want your undivided attention to reach their fitness goals will jump at the chance to work with you individually!

24/7 Access to Recorded Workouts

While live classes are popular, clients also want on-demand options. Pre-record workout videos or post previous live streamed sessions for clients to access anytime, anywhere.

This flexibility is vital for folks with busy schedules trying to squeeze in workouts. They can knock out your routines whenever it fits their jam-packed schedule. Mixing live classes with an on-demand workout library gives people options. And selling online means you can customize programs for each client!

Varieties of Workout Style and Duration

One of the best things about online workouts is getting to choose classes that fit your health goals and schedule perfectly. Your students want to feel just like they would with a personal trainer. The best way to accomplish this? Give your clients access to a wide variety of effective fitness routines. Bonus points if they are filmed in a professional fitness studio and include modification options throughout. This way, there is even more variety and clients can adjust the intensity as needed. 

Offering different lengths of classes is a great way to stand out in the sea of fitness coaches as well. Your students can choose to do a quick 30-minute HIIT session on a busy morning. Or, they could go for a more immersive 60-90-minute yoga flow when they want to destress. Having different options is KEY, so that you clients aren’t limited to the same type of content over and over! 

Having short and long workout options PLUS the ability to choose their workout style is vital. It helps your clients have a sense of control in their fitness journey, and you should readily oblige them!

Clear and Fair Pricing

People looking for online fitness classes are watching their budgets. So, be totally transparent about what you charge from the start. Hidden fees are a surefire way to lose trust!

Do some market research to see what rates are typical for your skills and experience level. While slashing prices may attract new clients initially, it hurts you in the long run. 

The good news, though, is that you don’t actually need to charge less for virtual classes compared to in-person ones. Price yourself fairly based on the immense value you provide!

Here are some smart ideas that help your clients feel like they’re getting more bang for their buck: include a free online trial period and offer special deals for first-timers or loyal clients. Discounts for signing up friends are great, too. Little benefits like that go a long way toward attracting more clients!

Minimal Workout Gears

Many trainees struggle with home workouts because they don’t have a fully decked-out home gym. Let’s be real most people just have a couple of dumbbells, a yoga mat, and some resistance bands at most.

You might be thinking “Well, why not just get a gym membership then?” Fair point. But, some folks have schedules too busy for lengthy gym sessions multiple times a week. Others feel self-conscious working out around strangers. They’d rather do quick morning or before-bed sessions in the privacy of their own home and in a familiar, comfortable space. That’s why online classes need to help people crush effective workouts with little to no equipment. Bodyweight training is your best option here!

As the instructor, you’ve got to be a pro at exercise order, intensity tactics, progression, class scheduling, etc. to put together solid routines with just bodyweight or basic equipment. The goal is to make trainees feel they can still get a killer workout and see results–no excuses. Help them succeed from the comfort of home with minimal gear!

Online fitness classes have epic potential!

Online fitness classes have epic potential!

Virtual fitness classes come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing’s for sure online fitness is big business right now. We’re talking over $76 billion by 2027 from holding virtual personal classes from your gym or studio!

But remember, success isn’t just about crazy demand. You also need to give people what they’re looking for! As a new fitness coach or as a fitness coach just looking to level up, it can feel tough to figure that out. But no worries, I’ve got your back! I love helping fitness pros build thriving online class businesses. I can show you how to become an online personal trainer that rocks and excels in the fitness industry!

I’ll guide you step-by-step on the contracts you need, legal protections, and more. I sell customizable legal templates that are fill-in-the-blank style legal docs based on the website policies and contracts online business owners need to protect their biz. I also help online business owners feel more confident in marketing their businesses because they feel legally protected!

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So if you’re looking to successfully launch your online fitness biz and need a hand, contact me! Also, be sure to check out my legal template shop, podcast episodes, blogs, and Ultimate Bundle® for everything you need to launch your business without a hitch and scale successfully. 

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