What’s Inside the Ultimate Bundle® and Why You Need It

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you’ve heard me talk about The Ultimate Bundle®, my amazing program that helps online entrepreneurs get all the legal ducks in a row for their businesses. And if you’re new here and haven’t yet heard about this program, you’re in the right place!

Regardless of how long you’ve been a part of my audience or what stage of business you’re in, The Ultimate Bundle® is an incredible resource that provides legal training and helps you set up legal protection for your online business. And I’d like to walk you through the program, so you know exactly what you get and why you need it.

What’s Inside the Bundle

When running an online business, it can be confusing to figure out what needs to be done from a legal perspective. I know firsthand how paralyzing and overwhelming it can be, both from my own personal experience when starting my first business as a coach, and in working with many fellow online business owners since then.

While this can make it all too easy to keep putting off doing all the legal stuff, it’s too important to ignore. So, I created The Ultimate Bundle® to make the legal business stuff more accessible, understandable, and simple. You CAN get your legal foundation set up without stressing and wasting time with the help of everything in the Bundle.

In a nutshell, when you invest in the Ultimate Bundle®, you get:

  • 10 DIY legal templates (including contract templates) with a comprehensive video walkthrough so you know exactly how to customize each template for your business 
  • On-demand training library with over 35 videos on essential topics for starting, building, and scaling your online business so you always have a resource to get viable info 
  • Free lifetime-of-program updates so you always have a contract that represents current legal requirements
  • Lifetime access to all the legal templates and trainings so you can use the program as your business grows
  • Private member-only community for Q&A and support from Sam so you don’t just get our answer, you get feedback from thousands of fellow entrepreneurs 

The Ultimate Bundle® isn’t just a bunch of templates and trainings you need to navigate on your own. The private community is there for you along the way, so you won’t ever be left with questions or concerns. There’s always help from members inside the community – and yes, my team and I are inside everyday to provide support. 

BTS: Ultimate Bundle® Video Training Library

The legal training videos inside The Ultimate Bundle® are basically a course in all things legal for online businesses – pretty much everything you need to know and set up (from a legal perspective) as a business owner.

Currently, this ever-growing video library of over 35 trainings includes the following modules:

MODULE 1: How to form your business, understanding LLCs, registering for an EIN

MODULE 2: Small business finances & business insurance

MODULE 3: Legally protected websites, email marketing & social media

MODULE 4: Legal templates: contracts, policies, and disclaimers

(Note: contract templates include what’s offered with the service or offer, term and termination, choice of law and venue, refunds, etc.)

MODULE 5: Working with clients legally

MODULE 6: How to protect your content & handle copycats 

MODULE 7: What you need to know about growth: S corps, hiring & taxes

When it comes to all the legal aspects that need to be taken care of in your business, I know it can be scary. But I’m here to help make it as easy – and even fun! The Ultimate Bundle® will help you take one step at a time and provides the community and support you need along the way. Before you know it, everything will be set up and you’ll be confident knowing your business is legally solidified, legitimate, and protected.

What’s Next: More Free Resources, Training, and Bundle Savings 

Learn more about The Ultimate Bundle® by checking out this quick (6-minute) walkthrough of the program and listening to this podcast episode where I take you behind the scenes.

Ready to take the plunge and get The Ultimate Bundle®? I knew you were a smart cookie! Watch my free legal workshop called “5 Steps to Legally Protect & Grow Your Online Business” to get a small taste of what you can expect inside this one-of-a-kind program – and the chance to save $400 and get extra bonuses! 

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