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Can You Own Your Greatness?
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Can You Own Your Greatness?

You are incredible at _____.”

After you read this blog post, promise to comment and finish that sentence…

🥇 But first, let’s talk Olympics.

In a few weeks, you’ll have to peel me away from the Olympics. (I’m already planning what I’m cooking for opening ceremonies!)

In the lead up, I’ve been glued to the Olympic trials to see who makes it. I ugly cry my way through their post-race interviews, filled with emotion and genuine happy-for-you vibes.

I’ve noticed something that athletes who qualify for the games consistently do in those interviews.


Not in a gross, cocky way. In a “yeah they should, they just kicked some tush!” sort of way.

🙈 If I won a race, I’d be like, “it wasn’t that big of a deal… anyone could’ve won it! It’s really because of how great my coach is… oh, and my shoes! New Balance’s are the best!

I have trouble accepting compliments. I don’t allow my wins to seep in. And I brush them aside to shift the attention off of me and onto someone or something else.

Nothing ever feels quite “good enough.” My ears strain to anticipate the thud of the other shoe dropping not too far in the future.

But I freaking love watching other people own their greatness (probably because deep down I want to believe I’m worthy of doing the same. I’m envious since I see it as something they can do, but I cannot.)

They should own their greatness because only they know:

  • how much time they’ve spent in the gym, when no one’s watching.
  • the sacrifices they made to get where they are.
  • the intense bouts of doubt, and how they raced anyway.

It’s so easy to see why they should own their greatness. But why is it so hard to own ours?

My inability to take in attention or compliments is nothing new — but it’s coming to a volcanic eruption with writing my first book.

It feels uncomfortable to say I’m writing a book, let alone ask them to buy it. It makes me feel like I’m saying, “LOOK AT ME. I’M SOMEONE WHO DESERVES TO WRITE A BOOK.” 🤢

But considering my book is coming out April 15, 2025, it’s time to put down my worthiness shield, tuck away my Phd in Self Deprecation, and let a little bit of it in.

I took a scary-to-me first step yesterday when I went to Theodore’s Books in Oyster Bay, NY to introduce myself as a local author (yes, I called myself AUTHOR and didn’t apologize or contextualize. 🥇 Medal worthy, no?).

I even asked if they’d be open to me doing a book signing, when the time comes. (Hold my hair! 🤢🤢)

If we want to grow, we have to own who we are and what we’re trying to build.

That might mean calling yourself an “author” before your book hits the shelves, or calling yourself a “speaker” before you’ve stepped on stage.

No one is going to see you if you don’t see yourself first.

So, it’s time to honor your promise.

I can’t wait to celebrate your greatness together.

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