You’ll Never Forget this Lesson

Woman writing at desk with text overlay "You’ll Never Forget this Lesson"

Business lessons can be found anywhere.

Including episodes of Ted Lasso.

Don’t worry. This lesson doesn’t include any spoilers about the show, and if you’ve never seen Ted Lesso – the lesson will still hit home.

In today’s short but spicy On Your Terms podcast episode, we’re chatting about how to focus on the right elements of your business vs. the surface-level elements.

For all my Ted Lasso fans – focusing on the food more than the spoons. I promise it’ll make a lot more sense and really get your wheels turning when you listen, and you’ll never forget this lesson.

You can listen to the episode on AppleSpotify, or directly on my podcast page.

➡️ Oh, and if the “food” you need to be focusing on has anything to do with getting legally legit – be sure to head to the Template Shop to grab one of our easy-to-use legal templates. Seriously, you can customize them to your business in 15 minutes flat!

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