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Hi friends! Rowan put his pie down on the table before expert bakers, Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, to face the moment of truth:

Was his showstopper in fact, showstopping? Or was it… meh?

OK, if you don’t watch the show Great British Bakeoff (GBBO) here’s the gist: GBBO is a (incredible) UK baking competition, unlike any competition you’ve ever watched. The contestants are sweet, friendly, and supportive. There are no tricks and cutthroat tactics like so many US-based shows.

In each episode, they have 3 different challenges, the last of which is called the “showstopper.”

So as sweet Rowan put his pie before the judges to see how he fared, he braced himself for feedback – which can range from blunt to over-the-moon.

The judges didn’t love Rowan’s pie, to say the least. Rowan smiled and nodded as he received the hard-to-stomach news.

“That’s ok,” he smiled in his interview afterward, “that just means I have to keep trying. I’ll give it another go and make it better.”

There’s an incredible lesson in this humble-as-pie story, my friend.

When Rowan’s pie was judged by the experts, he could’ve easily taken that feedback personally. 

Instead, Rowan illustrated how the pie was his art — and his art was not him. You become a better artist with practice, time, and experimentation.

But you’re only able to get better if you separate yourself from the art.

Keep this in mind as you grow your business. You are not your revenue, whether it’s high or low. You aren’t the critical comments, rejections, or naysayers.

They may criticize your art. But your art is not you. Plus, it’s in progress anyway 😉


Q: At what point in your business should you hire a CPA? How do you suggest we find a qualified CPA locally? What’s the difference between a CPA and an accountant? 

A: As early as possible! Ideally, to start find a local-to-you CPA who will answer many of your simple questions and only charge you to prep and file your taxes. I have a post for you here on how to find a CPA.

In terms of CPA vs. accountant, an accountant receives a college degree in accounting. A CPA has that, plus the added experience and licensure of having sat for CPA exams and maintaining a CPA license.


Lydia asked the group what happens to your business when you move overseas, and we were able to hop in and support her on how to keep her business safe.

Amanda asked how to navigate changing her last name (since she got married!) legally within her business and whether she’s still allowed to go by her business name using her maiden last name.

And member, Lena, got help from us adding language to her Terms of Use (the contract you use to sell a course/membership) because she wanted to include a free 7-day trial!


Epi 189. Kickstart Series Part 2: Carve Out Your Spot & Claim Your Expertise

We’re doing a little online biz Econ class today in Part 2 of my 4-part Kickstart Your Biz series — let’s find out if there’s actually enough demand for your business to survive (let alone grow), how to stand out amongst a crowd, and whether you should really be deterred by your competition.



  • This QVC host teaches us a lot about selling, being ourselves, the power of storytelling, and how actually believing in your product/service is key (go figure!).


  • Listen to Part 1 of the Kickstart Your Business in 2024 Series before diving into Part 2. [Be sure to grab the workbook for the series]
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  • Practice showing a part of your personality or personal life you’ve never shared before — your gardening hobby, painting class, or fav workout. You might be surprised who connects with you over it.

Talk soon!

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