You’re in the zone

You're in the zone

You’re in the zone

Picture This: Lance Armstrong Is Your Competition

You log into your email and your stomach drops —

You haven’t made a single sale this week.

Your email list isn’t growing as much as you need it to.

Your follower count is growing slower than that time you accidentally cut your own bangs. 💇‍♀️

It’s hard when you’re not where you want to be.

Shouldn’t your business be growing faster? How come you post and post, but you’re not gaining followers? Why aren’t you seeing the growth you feel like you deserve, based on how hard you’re working?

I went into New York City this weekend to watch my two personal trainers and several gym friends compete in HYROX, a fitness competition that would make even Hercules blush.

They threw 100 wall balls, burpee’d 80m, rowed 1,000m, ran 8km, and sled-pulled 227 lbs alongside Lance Armstrong and 5,000 participants.

It was incredible. 🙌🏼

As we stood along the Hudson in the 82-degree NYC heat cheering and hyping them up, all I could think about was how long and hard they had trained.

With the wide range of athletes at the event, it would have been easy to look around and compare themselves to someone doing it better (I felt so bad for the guy who was next to Lance!)

So what does their wild fitness competition have to do with you building your business?

As you build your business, you’ll see thousands of people doing the same thing. Maybe even a little bit “better” or faster.

It can easily derail you, if you let it.

Comparing yourself to someone

  • growing faster on social
  • who has lots of clients
  • selling more courses

… isn’t helpful!

Instead, think of how far you’ve come and focus on your race business only.

Measure the distance between where you are vs. where you’ve been instead of distance between here and where you want to be or where anyone else is.

Even if Lance Armstrong is about to lap you for the third time — I want you to remember how hard you’ve worked and how far you’ve come. Stay focused on your own goals and let Lance be all Lance-y.

You’ve got this.

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When You Focus More On The Bad (WHOOPS)

You can imagine the endless possibilities of how things could go wrong in your business. If you’re anything like me, sometimes your anxiety and worries get the best of you.

Instead of thinking about what’s going right, all you see right now is what isn’t.

I know you’re determined. I know you want to build a bigger business, with more clients and higher income.

But I stopped myself while hiking in California recently to remind myself of what I want to focus on instead and how that impacts my business.

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