You’re not avoiding this anymore

You’re not avoiding this anymore

“I’d rather schedule a colonoscopy.”

Is that what you’re thinking when it comes time to write your weekly email? You’re not alone.

Your mind plays tricks on you and finds any excuse not to write that email. Suddenly there’s an irresistible urge to reorganize a closet, clean out the junk drawer, or run a load of laundry.

…even schedule a colonoscopy, but yet you haven’t…

  • emailed your list in a month…
  • released the course you want to launch…
  • pitched to be on the podcast with a perfect fit audience for your offers

Ahhh, avoidance. He and I are friends, too.

If you want to grow your business, breaking up with avoidance is as essential as Ryan Reynolds breaking up with Scarlett Johansson (it needed to happen, clearly he and Blake were meant to be.)

You can start by recognizing avoidance when it pops up.

The next time you catch yourself alphabetizing the spice cabinet instead of knocking out a business task that feels a little scary, gently and lovingly call yourself out.

“Hey! I see what you’re doing there…. Back away from the spice cabinet, put your phone on ‘do not disturb,’ and let’s get this task done!”

You could also ask yourself, what are you trying to avoid by not tackling this? Vulnerability? Failure? Being seen? (Hat tip to my mindset coach, Jen Diaz, for teaching me this.)

Time to set your Pomodoro timer and knock out an important task.

So, what’s 1 thing you’ve been avoiding that you can commit to taking action on this week? Comment below and let me (and my team!) be your accountability partners!

You share yours and I’ll share mine.

Legal Q&A

Q: Kirstyn asks, “I have been interested in some of your packages, but on your Terms of Use it suggests to consult with your local licensed attorney as not all circumstances, issues or state laws might be question is how purchasing your package might be more convenient or economical if I would need to consult a local attorney anyway?”
A: We have 50 states with entirely different (and changing) laws. Add in thousands of customers with entirely different businesses and circumstances – it’s impossible for any contract template to perfectly fit everyone’s needs.

Most of my customers don’t need to make any changes to my DIY Legal Templates. Others have special circumstances requiring them to seek legal advice from their own lawyer (ie., they have a non-compete clause from their job, making their new biz venture questionable.)

Just like I’d suggest you do as a coach, creator, or service-provider – you should always encourage your clients to seek personalized advice from their own doctor, lawyer, CPA, therapist etc. As a coach, you can’t give that type of advice to them. Since I’m not their lawyer, I do the same! If you have any more questions, I’m happy to help – just let me know. 🙂

Submit your question for a future Sam’s Sidebar Q&A!

BTS: The Ultimate Bundle®

The Ultimate Bundle® is the go-to legal program for online business owners to get protected. It gives you 13 DIY Legal Contract templates, access to me for support, lifetime access to the training, free updates & more.

Ultimate Bundle Member Lindsey

Ultimate Bundle® member, Lindsey, asked about LLC name changes this week in the private community. Our members love having access to quick responses from us, instead of having to waste more time, energy, and money getting answers to things holding them back.

On Your Terms® Podcast

How to Leverage Pre-Launch Excitement for Higher Sales

In Part 2of my 4-part Launch Series on On Your Terms®, we dive into hype and teaser content for your launch. Just like hyping yourself up for a big event, you’ve got to hype your audience (the right way) to get them prepped and ready to buy in your launch. (If you missed Part 1 of the Series last week, tune in ​here!)




  • There’s a ​crunchy fight brewing​ between chili crisp/crunch makers Momofuku, Fly by Jing, et al. Trademarks are cool – but they can also get ridiculous. I see this all the time in our space when people think they own basic phrases and words and they become ​trademark bullies​. What a time to be an online biz owner! Should I do a podcast episode on this? LMK.


  • Listen to Launch Series Part 2 on On Your Terms® to learn how to leverage hype and create the right teaser content so your audience is primed to buy.
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