3 Unorthodox Ways To Build A Business Like Mine

“I wish I had your business! Your business is the dream…”

^^ people say this to me ALL the time now, and I think:

A. You could have this business, too 🙂 I don’t have some magical formula or unicorn abilities (other than wiggling my ears and being left handed).

B. What you see NOW is pretty dreamy, but don’t get it twisted: there was a lot of hard work, ‘failure’, privilege and other stuff on the way here.

I shared on Instagram the other day how I’d sold more of the Ultimate Bundle® in the last few hours than I did for the first several months of the Bundle’s life combined.

Here’s the best part:

The Bundle wasn’t on sale. I wasn’t launching or running any sort of promos. I hadn’t done any free calls, IG stories or produced any new content advertising the Bundle. Actually, I think I’d spent most of that day walking Hudson and reading outside because it was so nice out 🙂

All those sales came from my evergreen funnel, evergreen content, and website.

Am I lucky and privileged that my business is like this?

Ab-sa-tootly lootly.

Did I do a few unorthodox things in building my business that helped me to set it up this way?

You betcha, as my Wisco-bred hubby would say.

3 Unorthodox Ways To Build A Business Like Mine

Here are 3 things I did that were relatively against the grain in building my business:

1. A killer website

So many people say, “you don’t need a website. Just create an IG page and boom, you’ve got a business!” And while it’s true that you CAN start a business that way, I think a beautiful, easy-to-use, content-driven, welcoming digital “lobby” where customers can get familiar with you and what you offer is crucial to building your business.

Your business needs a home. People need a place to come and get to know you. And if you play it right, your content will be SEO-optimized and they’ll find you through Google.

Side bar: on the one hand, I don’t want you to wait to build your business until you have a beautiful or perfect website. Your website is like a wedge of parmesan – it can get better with age. You need something to get started.

If you’re pretty techy, do what I did: buy a theme yourself, do as much design as you possibly can, and hire a developer/designer to come in and do all the things you can’t figure out.

And of course, make sure your website is legally protected with the 3 website policies you need to protect your site: privacy policy, terms & conditions, and a website disclaimer.

2. No sales or discounts

For the first 4 years, I didn’t do any sales or discounts on my products. *Technically* I still don’t, I choose to do little Bundle-focused promos sprinkled throughout the year.

Not discounting my products helped me do a lot of things:

1. attract the right clients who truly needed my product

2. focus on improving the product itself, the onboarding process, and my messaging around the product as I got to know my customer better

3. not burn out 😰👍

The reason people focus on discounts is to build in urgency. I think something I’ve focused on that’s outside the box, but works REALLY well, is to build in “urgency” in other ways: added bonuses, a live component, a time sensitive workshop that they’ll get to attend live in they join, etc.

3. Prioritize customer happiness

When you’re so focused on selling or scaling, you can sometimes forget to care for the people who are already in front of you and who believed in you already. One of the reasons the Bundle sells on “autopilot” so much nowadays is because of how much word of mouth there is around it.

The people who are in the Bundle LOVE it, and naturally they’ll tell other people about it. Then those people buy it and love it, and they tell more people. Boom, the spider web effect. And that part happens without paid ads, open/close cart, launches, or any sleazy sales tactics.

So how do I keep customers so happy?

a. deliver on my promises and focus on serving the people who bought already- not just on getting more people to buy.

b. quick replies to their questions in the community and emails

c. continuing improving the product, integrate their feedback, and add in pop up surprise content

If you focus on these 3 things, you’d be well on your way to building an evergreen business, too.

Was this helpful?? Comment below👇 or DM me on Instagram and let me know! I can’t wait to hear from you.

Talk soon!

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