Afraid to Take Your Offer “Evergreen”?

Woman sitting on chair with text overlay "Afraid to Take Your Offer “Evergreen”?"

A lot of business owners hesitate to take their offers evergreen (available year round) because of one tiny little problem…

They lack a marketing strategy that sells their offers on autopilot and amplifies their impact in a splashy way.

Not going to lie, the entire idea sounds a little far-fetched and overzealous when you read it the first time,…but it’s not.

(Says the girl whose business is mostly entirely evergreen.)

Wait..let me fix that sentence:

(Says the girl whose business is mostly entirely evergreen because she had no other choice.)

Not too long ago, I came to a point in my business where I had to spend more time taking care of a sick parent than brainstorming flashy new ways to market my products.

That’s when I learned that you CAN successfully market a product that sells itself, all while building a snowball effect of sales WITHOUT having to burn yourself out on social media everyday or reinventing the wheel to make a sale.

And while the universe doesn’t take your offer and magically put it in front of the right people…

In today’s episode of the Online Marketing Summer School podcast series – I’m sharing:

✔️ My two-path marketing process: organic AND paid marketing

✔️ How to build proof of concept (aka excitement)

✔️ The kind of content you should be creating to not only find your ideal clients but get them to hit that ‘buy’ button

​We’ll also cover:​

+ Adjusting your expectations about how long it takes to gain traction
+ Using marketing that works for you, not what everyone else is doing
+ When to start running ads (hint: it’s not as soon as you think!)

And lots more. You’re not going to want to miss this.

You can catch the episode on AppleSpotify, or directly on my podcast page, and leave feeling confident and prepared to make your first hire.

Oh, and don’t forget to head over to the Template Shop to grab any Group Program Contracts or Course Contracts to make sure your offer is legally legit before you market it to sell!

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