Resources to Become an Anti-Racist

How are you holding up? I’ve spoken to you on Instagram about this very important time and movement, but I want to make it very clear…SOURCE: @ohhappydani on Instagram // Visit Dani’s website.

This space and this company have always been, and will continue to be, anti-racist. As both the CEO of Sam Vander Wielen LLC and a human, I’m committed to strengthening my allyship and doing better.

But I’m not the resource to listen to or follow — there are so many experts out there who have already created and shared incredible resources and teachings.

Now it’s time to turn from speaking up and out, to #dothework (as Rachel Cargle says) — learning from, listening to, and getting behind those experts who have been doing/teaching the work already.

Let’s spend more time this week actually doing the work to become a better ally than time spent on social media trying to prove that we are allies.

This isn’t a race to wokeness.

There’s no award for who shares the most graphics or who’s read the most books.

This is going to be deep, inner work that we need to do forever, until the end of white supremacy and racism.

If you’re looking for anti-racist resources (both free and paid) to #dothework along with me, below are some resources I’ve found helpful so far.

(Note: I’ve personally either read, paid for, or consumed these resources already. I’m not here to suggest a bunch of stuff and not do the work myself.)Resources to Become an Anti-Racist

Watch //

13th documentary (this link allows you to watch for free, but you can also find it on Netflix).

Unpacking White Feminism (Rachel Cargle recorded webinar).

Rachel’s Public Address on Revolution.

Rachel Ricketts’ Spiritual Activism 101 workshop. 

Read //

Non-fiction: White Fragility, Me and White Supremacy, So You Want to Talk About Race, The New Jim Crow, Between the World and Me.

Fiction: American Marriage, The Girl With the Louding Voice, Such a Fun Age.

Reading with/for kids: Conscious Kid had a great graphic on resources here.

Short reads: How to Create Diversity Within Your Online Business and On Becoming an Anti-Racist.

Sign-up + Attend //

Chrissy King’s ‘Anti-Racism for Wellness Professionals’ webinar next Wednesday 6/10 (I’m attending the one on June 10 from 3-5pm ET, but she has many different days available. To sign up for other times, tap Chrissy’s bio link here.)

Rachel Cargle’s free 30-day #DoTheWork course.

Please feel free to share this post as a resource, but the attention and credit should be given to those I’ve highlighted here. And please, where possible, donate to those who have created these incredible resources.

I’m not here to tell you how to feel or be. But if you’re a business owner, you have a responsibility to tell us what you stand for, regardless of what that stance is. People deserve to know who they’re giving their hard-earned dollars to. 

This wasn’t created overnight and unfortunately, it won’t be dismantled overnight either. But for me, this isn’t just a social media movement or about virtue-signaling. 

You don’t have to process something publicly to be processing or working through it at all. Remember: to truly be an ally you’re going to have to do the work.

For me, this is about deepening my understanding of my role in a really messed up system and figuring out how I can do better and how I can hold others accountable to do better, too. 

I’m here to #dothework and I hope you are, too.

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