Can You Share Your Clients’ Results (Legally)?

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Before you head out to BBQ (or “grill out” as my Wisconsin born husband says!) for the long weekend, I’m here with another legal A to your brilliant Q.

This week’s question came from reader, Leanne, who asked such a great question about how you can legally share your clients’ results.

Let’s go! 👇

The Question // Leanne asks,

“I want to share about my client’s results without getting into legal trouble. Can I share about how most of my clients usually experience X result within the first 3 months of working with me, or is that making some sort of guarantee?”

The Answer //

I’m going to do something that lawyers never do and give you a straight answer:

No. You cannot.

Making statements on social or your site that say something like, “my clients experience/achieve/lose/gain X in X [time period]” could be taken as a promise, guarantee, or warranty.

It could be perfectly true that your clients do usually achieve some result within some period of time after working with you.

But there’s a LOT of context to be talked about…

  • What kind of resources and access did those clients have
  • Their medical histories, financial status, socioeconomic status
  • The complete and true picture of what they were like before and how long they maintained this result…

The list goes on.

Just because you’ve had a client (or 9!) achieve something, doesn’t mean that if I signed up to work with you that I’d automatically achieve that, too.

This is why I always say: it’s important to not just “have” a disclaimer on your website or to slap one on your social post.

You actually have to abide by it, too. You have to make sure you’re not actually writing/saying things that could be taken as warranties or guarantees.

I’ve built the legal language you need into my website disclaimer template (which is included in the Ultimate Bundle™️ or available a la carte in my legal template shop).

And I’ve even got you covered if you talk about money, too (you need an earnings disclaimer for that 😉).

If you need a quick lawyer-drafted contract for your online business, be sure to visit my legal template shop or join the go-to legal program for online entrepreneurs: the Ultimate Bundle™️ today.


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