Coffee Talk [December 2018]

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Hi, love! It’s December – whoa! I know it sounds so cliche — but where did the rest of 2018 go?

I’m going to run my December Coffee Talk post a little different than I usually do, if that’s OK with you ; )  (If you’re new here, I write a coffee talk post each month! Here’s November’s if you want to catch up.)

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I thought we’d take a few minutes to reflect on 2018. And then I’ll share some resources + links to help you grow a bolder business in 2019.

I’ll also give you a few things to cozy up with over the holidays.

So, what was your 2018 like? Have you reflected back on the past year? What were your high / lowlights?

I started 2018 living in France with Ryan, then traveling across Spain for a few weeks and heading back to Philly.

Actually, now that I think of it, I started 2018 with the worst flu I’ve ever gotten in my life.

I’ll never forget: we were on a train somewhere in France when I just knew I’d come down with something awful. Has that ever happened to you?

Ryan got it at the exact same time, and just like that we were learning how to navigate the medical system in a country where neither of us spoke the language.

We ended up finding the sweetest doctor who reminded me SO much of my Mom (my mom’s an integrative physician) who nursed us back to health.

Anywho — that was a total sidebar — but it’s really funny to think back about how you started the year and how you’ll end it.

I never would have thought then that I’d be home for the holidays to spend more time with my Dad.

I did not see his leukemia diagnosis coming. It’s been quite the whirlwind since we found out he was sick at the end of September.

Ever since then, life’s kind of felt like a blur. I get all the things done that I need to, but a lot of little things have fallen through the cracks. You sort of go into survival mode when you need to.

Have you ever felt like that before?

But overall 2018 was a year filled with:

  • adventure (Ryan and I went to 8 countries! ?),
  • family time,
  • loads and LOADS of tears (Ryan says I’ve cried in every restaurant in the Philly area),
  • lots of hospital time,
  • gratitude. I know, it sounds weird to be grateful after everything I just told you. But honestly, if I hadn’t left the law when I did, I don’t know how I would have managed the past year. I am so unbelievably grateful for being able to take that leap. And for now having the time and space to do what matters most.
  • growth. The business has grown like WOAH and I’m super proud of it.
  • friends. I’ve made some really good (new) friends this year, gotten closer with ones I already knew, and shed a few that weren’t feeling good anymore.
  • learning. I shared a lot of my lessons learned with you here, but I’ve learned so much behind the scenes I’d share with you over some rosé <3

I’d love to hear what your 2018 was filled with. Share a few of them in the comments ??

And since I hope you’ll have some cozy free time over the next few days (fuzzy socks = required), here are a few links I want to share with you:


Simi’s Giving You Permission this holiday season.

My favorite beauty uniform I’ve seen on Cup of Jo so far.

If you can’t be in Paris this holiday season, as least we can explore 5 Paris coffee shops to dream of all day long.


Have you watched Bao yet? It’s an 8-minute short animated film that has a really wild message.

Please tell me you watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on AmazonPrime? I’m obsessed! If you’re more of a Netflix girl, we’ve been loving ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ or ‘I’m Sorry’ before bed!

Whether you love Jeff Goldblum, Ariana Grande, or James Corden, this “Thank You, Jeff” video is a MUST. #laughedsohard


I made this vegetarian shephard’s pie and added about 1.5 cups cooked French lentils (on the step when you add the peas) and left the skins on the potatoes.

How excited are you to try Alexis’ vegan chocolate pie? I know I am.

I love this vegan butternut squash pasta for a cozy winter night.

If you want a meat-free main meal alternative to Aunt Susie’s ham — I strongly suggest this lentil meatloaf. SO GOOD.

And in case you want to make vegan gravy for your holiday dinner (it’s crazy good on mashed potatoes, stuffing and even roasted veggies), this one is the only one to try. Trust me, I’ve made them all ; )

So kids, that’s a wrap on 2018. Do you like these Coffee Talk posts? Would you rather see a video update?

My goal is to share inspiring business + life resources for my passionate #girlboss friends online.

Before you go, I’d love you to drop me a note below. Tell me what some of the main themes of 2018 were for you ?? (and let me know if you want to keep seeing these posts in 2019 ?)

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