Coffee Talk [October 2017]

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Hi, there! I didn’t think I’d write you October’s Coffee Talk post in a tank top and shorts but, here I am! In case you’re new here, Coffee Talk is my monthly series where I share resources, behind the scenes news, and links I love with all of you. Here are September, August and July‘s posts in case you want to catch up. I try to include a mix of topics for entrepreneurs (that’s you!) like business, self-care, productivity/tips, etc. So with that, let’s jump in!

1 // Links I Love

sam vander wielen coffee talk october diy legal templates for coaches health coach entrepreneurs

As I quickly approach 30, I’m always looking for things to do with friends other than dinner.

Let’s pick up some of these habits of happy women. It’s funny how it’s a balance of taking care of yourself + others.

Do you ever feel like you’re living in the in-between?

How intuitive eating helped Simi not eat all the donuts.

How to get more clients for your business, both in-person and online.

You have to make this curried chickpea salad. If you can, pair it with the raisin walnut bread from Whole Foods in the above-picture. You’re supposed to put raisins in the chickpea salad, but Whole Foods was out (?!). So I got the next best thing and it turned out to be a major win. This is a great make-ahead recipe that will give you plenty of lunches for the week.

2 // Little Bits of Self-Care

I’m still learning my way as an entrepreneur. I went from leaving the law, to acting like I was on permanent vacation, to working way too hard, to – lately – finding balance. What does balance look like for me? It means the usual — trying to put my phone down at night, being present, fitting in exercise and time with friends, and taking mini-breaks throughout my day.

It also means remembering why I wanted to be an entrepreneur. One of the many reasons I wanted to be my own boss was so I could be creative, flexible, and free. I knew I’d help others as much as I possibly could. My problem would actually be stopping.

So I try to fit in little reminders of my flexibility, like having a leisure solo lunch on a weekday. Does it happen often? Nope. But I savor it when it does. I was in Philly on a gorgeous day earlier this month and decided to take advantage of a French cafe with outdoor views of Rittenhouse Square. If I take a longer break at lunch and don’t eat on the go, I can always work a little later or fit in a work sesh on the weekends.

Somehow it all works out in the end. All the work gets done, and then some ; )

3 // The Elite Retreat

sam vander wielen coffee talk october diy legal templates for coaches health coach entrepreneurs

As I write this, my entrepreneurial heart is SO full <3

I’m coming off of 2-days at the amazing Elite Retreat run by Maryalice Goldsmith. It was a 2-day business retreat held in Princeton, NJ for women entrepreneurs who wanted to work on their money mindset and business strategies. I met so many amazing girls at the Retreat!

I also got to speak on Day 2 about the top legal roadblocks for online entrepreneurs. I’m so in my element when I speak in public. Maybe it was all the drama camps I went to as a kid? Or just the fact that I like to talk! But getting to talk about something you’re so passionate about is SO much fun. The time flew by and the attendees said they got a lot out of it.

I had so many takeaways from the Elite Retreat last week. Here are a few I’m ready to share…

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of being around other empowered women. It totally raises your energy.
  2. Work on identifying + clearing (or improving) your money stories like “it’s so hard to get client online,” “there are too many coaches out there already,” “why would someone pay me for that?” etc.
  3. Don’t focus so much on the ‘how’ as much as the ‘why’. We get so caught up in the “what ifs” that we tend to just stay where we are. Instead, let’s focus on WHY we want to make something happen and go for it. We can adjust and make tweaks later.

Here are some of the beautiful women I shared the weekend with: Cameron, Athena, Maryalice, Justine, Candace, Hilary, Crystal, Lauren, Becky, Lexi, Nikki, Sabrina, Kristi, & so many more! (If I missed you, email me so I can add you to the list & link to your gorgeous site!)

4 // Apple Cider Donuts

sam vander wielen coffee talk october diy legal templates for coaches health coach entrepreneurs

That’s all. They’re just amazing. I loved enjoying this one (slowly!) with the lovely and talented Cameron Simcik <3

5 // Dreams Are Dreams (+ business tip of the month)

sam vander wielen coffee talk october diy legal templates for coaches health coach entrepreneurs

My business tip of the month (which I started last month!) is to dream — but then make it happen. Dreams are dreams. Just dreaming + wishing about something doesn’t make it come true (as nice as that would be). People mean well, but when they see what I’m up to and how quickly I built a business they’ll say, “you’re so lucky!” Nope, luck didn’t have much to do with it. Lots of lots of hard work did.

Plenty of late nights at my computer, ready to hurl it out the window because something didn’t save. Lots of online chats and phone calls to Google, Siteground, ConvertKit and PayPal support teams. And lots and lots of dreaming up new ideas + executing them like a boss.

That doesn’t mean that what you’ll put out will be perfect. But it will be out. Out into the universe where it can land upon the ears of someone who identifies with it. Just like we can’t expect our perfect mate or partner to find us curled up on the couch each night at home watching Netflix, we can’t expect our clients to either. There are plenty of people out there ready and willing to work with them. But they’re looking for you. They just need to know you’re out there.

“Am I accidentally doing illegal stuff in my online business?”

Probably! 😳 But we can fix that fast. There are 5 things you need in place for a legally sound online business. Want to use the next 5 mins to learn what they are? Drop your info & I’ll send you my guide:

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