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Coffee Talk [September 2017]

Graphic to pair with blog post discussing entrepreneurship and running a business by attorney turned entrepreneur Sam Vander Wielen. The photograph shows to mugs of black coffee from a birds eye view. There is text on the image in the color teal in serif font.

Hi, there! I’m back again with another round of Coffee Talk – my monthly post on what’s going on behind the scenes, fun things I’ve found, and business resources you need to know about. Catch up with me by checking out July and August’s posts! So I know I’m a day late, but I’m not a buck short! I’m sharing a bunch of cool resources with you today : )

With that, let’s grab a cup of joe and jump right in!

coffee talk sam vander wielen diy legal templates coaches entrepreneurs online business

1 – Links I Love

When I’m trying not to wear athleisure 24/7, I love getting inspiration from Emily’s weekday wardrobe. Perfectly chic, yet comfortable and versatile.

In case you’re looking for fall fitness inspiration + a plan.

On that note, can you want to change your body and still exercise mindfully?

Podcasts that will keep you inspired.

Ditching imposter syndrome, once and for all.

2 – BizStorming Elite 3-month business mentoring program*

I’ve worked with several women 1-on-1 to build or grow their online wellness businesses over the last year. I’m so passionate about all things business and building a brand online that it made sense to create a more structured program for my clients to help them start their own businesses. So voila, BizStorming Elite* 3-month mentoring program was born.

My business mentoring strategy is really practical. I mix one part legal (to help you get your legal stuff in order), one part business (to help you build out all the practical stuff, like email marketing, social media, courses + programs, services, etc.), with some other part accountability, partnership, and motivation. Trust me, it equals 100%.

I’m only taking on 3 women at a time (since I already have a roster of clients and am still busy creating more DIY legal templates for all of you!), so apply if you’re interested in learning more about this mentorship opportunity.

We’ll hop on the phone & see if we’re a good fit after you apply. I can’t wait to get started!

3 – New DIY Legal Templates in the Shop!

I’ve created 5 new DIY legal templates for you that recently went up in the shop. Here’s a breakdown…

⇒Mini-disclaimers… I’ve created a unique mini-disclaimer for health/wellness and business coaches! In the health/fitness world, these are typically called ‘medical disclaimers’ or ‘mini-disclaimers’ because they go on your handouts, PDFs, documents, presentations, webinars, etc. Grab yours today!

⇒Terms of Use… for you if you’ve created an online course or program. It’s your way to set the course/program policies with your clients before they sign up. That way, you get paid (in full!), don’t need to issue refunds outside of your policy, and protect your content – all at the time same. If you’re a health/fitness or business entrepreneur and have an online course, you’ll want to check out the Terms of Use for health/wellness or business coaches.

coffee talk sam vander wielen diy legal templates coaches entrepreneurs online business

4 – Post-brain surgery update

I wanted to keep you all posted on how I’m doing! So many of you have reached out, texted and called. I’m so appreciative for all of your support over the last 2 months.

I’m doing really well! I’m going to PT 2-3x/week, so that’s really helping. I have almost all the mobility back in my neck, and I’m definitely feeling much stronger. I’m working, playing with my nephews, taking walks, and doing most of the things I did before the surgery. All’s well that ends well, right?

[In case you missed it, I had brain surgery on 7/27 to help fix a chiari malformation I had in my brain/upper spine. It’s something you’re born with, but it had only presented (terrible) symptoms in my late-20s. So I had brain surgery at U Penn in Philly to fix it, and now I’m back better than ever ; ) Just with a huge scar and a half-shaved back of the head.]

5 – Kombucha discovery

I never thought I liked Kombucha and then suddenly recently I realized something: every kombucha drink I’d ever tried had ginger in it. Granted, I usually love ginger! But for some reason, I don’t think I love the taste of it in kombucha.

When I had surgery, my sister brought me a bunch of GT’s Kombucha that was fruit based, with no ginger. I love the strawberry serenity and guava flavors! They’re a nice treat to have on my desk while I work (usually next to coffee/tea and water – you can never have enough drinks!).

coffee talk sam vander wielen diy legal templates coaches entrepreneurs online business

6 – Business Tip of the Month

Have a resources page on your site for clients + readers to find all of your favorite resources, tools, recipes — whatever you do! Save them time, money, or the hassle of finding it all themselves.

I’m someone who gets really passionate about things I love. I want everyone else to hop on board, too! In doing so, I only recommend things I really love because I want you to like it as much as I do. Make sure you’re promoting things you really stand behind and use yourself. Be ready to offer help if you’re linking to a resource that someone might need to learn how to use or sign up for.

Having a resources page is also a huge time saver! In my health coaching practice, I used to send each new client an email with links to all of my favorite resources or time savers. I was constantly updating my list and having to go back and let older clients know about something new I found. Now, I have one page where I keep everything on my site, and all I have to do is point clients directly to it. So much easier!

What kind of resources could you put on your site? What would help your readers/clients the most? 

coffee talk sam vander wielen health coach entrepreneur online creatives legal templates for health coaches

*BizStorming sessions are no longer active as of 2020

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