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As you build your business, are you stopping to take care of yourself? Maybe you notice that all the time you’ve spent on your computer is catching up with your back, neck and shoulders. Or maybe you’re finding yourself wake up in the middle of the night, stressing about business and whether you remembered to send that important email.

I’m sure that’s not why you became an entrepreneur.

You probably didn’t want to end up like you were in your office job — sick, stressed, and tired.

You started this business because you want to help others. But what about helping yourself, too? That’s why I picked The Wellness Project by Phoebe Lapine for this month’s Fearless Femmepire Project read.

If you don’t know already, Fearless Femmepire is my online (Facebook) book club + online community for fearless entrepreneurs to read, grow and learn together. Each month, we read 1 self-development or self-care book geared towards entrepreneurs (or that helps us as entrepreneurs) in a super relaxed, cozy way. It’s free to join and a lot of fun to be a part of!

The Wellness Project is all about Phoebe’s journey to finding balance, self-care, and a healthier (not the healthiest) way of living. After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (and ignoring that diagnosis for a few years), she decided she wanted to figure out what effect, if any, a few lifestyle changes had on her diagnosis.

Phoebe breaks up the book into 12 topics, tackling 1 topic (or area of self-care) per month. She talks about water intake, vices (coffee, alcohol, etc.), her back, sleep, and so much more.

the wellness project fearless femmepire sam vander wielen diy legal templates health coaches online entrepreneurs contracts for coaches
Phoebe Lapine

Here’s what I’d like to take away from reading The Wellness Project this month. As part of the Fearless Femmepire Project (where I write about the pick each month like this post & re-visit it at the end of each month to reflect), I’ll be back at the end of the month to chat with you about how my takeaways, how my goals actually went, and what everyone in the group chatted about, too.

Vice Detox

In this section, Phoebe tackles things like caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. I’m not open to the idea of touching my coffee consumption at this point (I have 1 super good cup, maybe 2, per day and I drink it slowly and enjoy it SO MUCH), but sugar is another thing.

Since working from Europe (I’m here for a few months), I’m always reminded that when I get home, I want to be choosier with my sweets. Here, they eat sweets often. They have a little something with their coffee, after dinner, or even from a patisserie on the street. But when they do enjoy a sweet, it’s a good one. They don’t waste it on something that tastes like cardboard.

I barely drink and even when I do, I have like 1 glass of wine. So I’m not too concerned about that one, either : )

Green Beauty

Phew, I already tackled greenifying my beauty routine when I finally came up with a simple morning (green) beauty routine. I don’t think there’s anything left for me to switch over. I’ve hit all the high notes: deodarent, shampoo/conditioner, face lotion, mascara, eye cream, etc.

One thing I’d love to get even better at is greenifying the home. I got rid of all of our plastic containers and switched them out for glass, but I’d like to be more conscientious (when I get home) about only drinking from glass/SS and not using as much plastic in general.

Water Works

This is my biggest challenge day-to-day. I’m just so bad about drinking water! It’s not like I drink anything else in its place. I just will go hours and hours without drinking a thing. When I’m intentional about it, carrying my water bottle around with me, adding some fresh lemon/lime, and setting reminders on my phone seem to help.

Pillow Talk

When I get home, I’d like to make my bedroom a more comfortable, relaxing space. Sometimes I head up to our room after a long day of work and see little piles of things to do. It sets off a giant to-do list in my head and doesn’t exactly spell “sleep” for me. I’m also on the hunt for a new mattress that will give me more upper back and neck support after this summer’s brain surgery.

Those are the main goals I’m thinking of as I head into The Wellness Project. If you’re in Fearless Femmepire, what are you looking forward to about reading The Wellness Project? What are your goals heading in it? Feel free to share them in the comments below or with the group!

If you’re not in already, join us in Fearless Femmepire here and start reading The Wellness Project with us this December! <3

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