How Do You Make Your Contracts Enforceable?

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The Question // Stephanie asks,

So how do you make your contracts enforceable?

The Answer //

I really love this question, Stephanie, because so many people get any ol’ contract and think as long as they have it – it actually works.

Because it’s sort of like car insurance — you can “have” car insurance, but if it doesn’t actually cover or pay for anything if something happens… what’s the point?

What Makes a Contract Enforceable

Here’s what actually makes a contract enforceable — meaning it’ll actually do something to protect you if/when there’s a problem:

1 | Properly Written

For a contract to be enforceable, it’s got to have the language in it that you actually need to be protective.

Sometimes I see contracts that are randomly thrown together that don’t actually have any of the provisions in it that you’d need. Other times, I see copy & pasted contracts that actually have sections in them that would never be permitted by law.

I even build in sections to my contract templates that cover you if a court ever finds any part/section/sentence/word of your contract unenforceable. That’s the benefit to having attorney drafted contracts — max protection 😉

2 | Sent & Sign Correctly

Even if you have the best contract in the world (shoutout to my DIY Legal Templates 🤣), if you don’t send it to your client the right way OR have them sign it the right way — it won’t be enforceable.

You can learn more about how to send and sign contracts correctly in this episode of On Your Terms®.

3 | Client Info

Whenever you onboard a new client, or have a checkout process for a program/product, you want to gather as much info about the client as you can.

If you can get their full name, mailing address, phone number, email etc — it’ll give you the info you (hopefully don’t) need down the line if they ever skip payment or you need to send a legal notice.

Was that helpful?! Hit “reply” and let me know.

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