How to Create a Better Marketing Strategy for your Business

So I was dipping my tootsies at the edge of the ocean last weekend, and a little banner plane whirred by towing 2 blue banners for the same car company:

One banner advertised their “we’ll buy your car” service — driving home their company’s value of honesty and transparency. They vow to give you the honest, up-front value of your car. No tricks.

The second banner said in all small caps:



What a brilliant ad strategy!

It got my attention, made me laugh and made me associate honesty (and a good sense of humor) with their brand — something that would be really appreciated by the consumer selling their car, always worried they’re getting ripped off or that they could do better elsewhere.

I immediately thought of exactly how to translate that strategy (using a joke or an “unspoken truth” to drive home a company value like honesty and transparency) for my own ads and marketing.

Whether I’m standing in the ocean, boarding a plane, listening to the radio, or binging my fav show (right now: Only Murders in the Building and Married at First Sight) I take it ALL in.

You see — I’m sort of worried that we’ve gotten a little too bubble-ish and insular in our online business industry.

Which Marketing Strategy Works For You

There’s so much marketing being thrown your way — and most of it’s not based on actual business or marketing principles. It’s gimmicks, platform-specific hacks & tricks, and vanity-metric driven.

And it’s making you exhausted.

It’s like we’ve forgotten that there are LOTS of different types of businesses out there — and they don’t all lip sync Schitt’s Creek lines to sell courses.

I know you’re burnt out on social.

I know you’re sick of creating so much content.

I know you’re wondering what the right “strategy” is to grow your business… quickly.

I know it because you tell me.

But when I shared how much I’m shifting my marketing strategies — you told me how much you want to do things differently, too.

Maybe it’s just me, but part of what’s keeping some of us a little stuck or unhappy with where we’re at is that we’re trying to do everything like everyone else, the way everyone else has done it.

But what if the way everyone has done it / is doing it isn’t the standard? What if it’s not a box you have to squeeze yourself into?

What if what they’re doing is just the beginning of what you’re going to create?

It starts with looking outside your industry, social media, & maybe even outside of your comfort zone.

Otherwise, we’re all just regurgitating the same stuff, the same way, to the same people.

So the next time you’re feeling a little stuck, or like your content’s looking so the same as everyone else’s —

Look for your own banner plane.

Inspo and marketing advice doesn’t have to come from IG only. In fact, you’ll probably find more substantive stuff off there.

Time to shake things up a bit, friend.

👉 Will you comment below and let me know if this was helpful? What came up for you? What’s your next action step?

And always remember:

Everyone pees in the ocean.

PS. Speaking of honesty — in this week’s episode of my podcast, On Your Terms®, I’m getting real honest about some of the things we need to do better on in the online business industry. Listen here (transcript available there), or wherever you listen to podcasts.


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