How to Scale Your Business the Legally Legit Way: Chris Castillo Shares Her Story [INTERVIEW RECORDING]

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So you want to learn how to scale your business. YAY! And you KNOW it’s time to remove those business “training wheels” and start pedalling full speed ahead. But you’ve got that nagging fear you’re:

👉🏼 Forgetting something important.

👉🏼 Doing something wrong that you could get in big trouble for.

👉🏼 Just need a little guidance.

…Are holding you back from the full-throttle growth you KNOW is possible for you?

My dear friend and Ultimate Bundle™ member Chris Castillo was feeling pretty stuck about a year ago, and she recorded this live interview with me to tell us the story of how she overcame that discomfort and finally developed the confidence in her business being the “real deal” and totally committed to growing.

How to Scale Your Business the Legally Legit Way: Chris Castillo Shares Her Story [INTERVIEW RECORDING]

This month I’m highlighting 4 of the 1000s of women I’ve worked with so far as part of Customer Celebration Month here at Sam Vander Wielen LLC.

Each week this month, I’ve interviewed 1 of those women and share their business journey with you so you can take their actionable tips and inspiration to apply to your own business. (See my interview with Betsy and Laura of Luscious Hustle here!)

Watch this casual interview conversation to learn how to scale your own business by listening to Chris’s story about how she got past that stage and grew her business.

Once you give it a listen, drop us a comment below ??, say hi and let us know what questions you have about how to scale your business.

Watch this recording of the live interview I did with Chris Castillo as part of my Customer Celebration Month interview series here:

I hope you enjoyed watching the interview as much as we enjoyed recording it!


Have you ever felt like you love the idea of your business, but you’re not sure how to scale your business yourself? You’re getting to that uncomfortable point where in order to grow, you know you’ve got some work to do.

If you want to scale your business and grow it the legally legit way, I can tell you the exact steps to take. If you’re like Chris, part of learning how to scale your business is legally protecting it. That way, you feel safe to actually scale, take on more clients, and be more visible online.

When you’re ready to take the next step and get legally protected so you can safely grow your business, your next step is to watch my free on-demand workshop called the First 5 Steps To Legally Protect & Grow Your Online Business.

You can watch it right now or pick a time that works for you here. It’s 100% on-demand, so watch it when it’s convenient for you.

So grab something cozy, a pen & paper and join me in the free workshop!

Did I mention the training is totally FREE? 

I’ll see you at the workshop!

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