How to Think Like a CEO (and why it’s key to building a bigger biz)

I’m still shaking out all the sand from…. well, everywhere. 😂

We just got back from our 10-day Caribbean cruise last night and phew, was that needed!

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I don’t have a lot of space to just be. Or think. Or even think about being lol.

There’s not a lot of white space in my life, these days.

Much of that is outside my control. Being the executor for my Dad’s estate is a full-time job, on top of an already very full-time CEO job here.

And in a cruel timing twist, there are like a zillion contractors in our house (aka my sanctuary) everyday working on the “apartment” extension we’re building for my now-passed Dad. (With every saw and nail gun, I think, “he’s not here. He’s not here.” 😢)

But I also create my own frazzle. Despite how overloaded and fuzzy-brained I feel most days, I doom scroll and fill my precious empty moments with mostly unnecessary things all the time.

I give myself grace and compassion for trying to numb out of some really tough moments….. AND I recognize it’s not helping me.

I’m craving white space more than I crave hummus from Zahav (which is 24/7).

What happens when you have no white space in your business

👀 It’s really hard to be clear on what you really want when all you see is what everyone else wants.

🎨 It’s nearly impossible to come up with creative ideas when all you see are everyone else’s.

📈 And it’s literally impossible for you to grow your business — if you’re keeping busy with time-suck tasks, reacting to trends, and focusing on the “now”.

One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make when it comes to legally protecting your business is thinking like the business/CEO you are today.

Why you want to legally protect the business you’re building

⭐️ You don’t want to protect the business you have right this moment — you’re not staying here. (But you will if you keep acting like this is it.)

You want to legally protect the business you’re building (thanks to all that white space!).

🎉 One of the best “mindset” shifts I’ve ever made was when I stopped doing things that “current me” would do, and instead starting making decisions future me was. I think of it this way: I’m headed there anyway, I might as well get ready for it. Sort of like packing for a trip 🙂

So do I have the time to pay every single invoice and bill that comes my way? I could, technically speaking.

But the CEO of the business I’m building? She delegates & lets people support her. She focuses on visionary work, marketing, creating content, and product development only. She doesn’t teach trainings for free, or dive into every DM or complaint because it distracts from the overall mission.

So yes, me today: I could do lots of different things. But I don’t want to be me today — I’m packing my bags for future me.

Of course it took time to be able to hire, delegate, etc– but it can start with something “free” like a mindset shift (“The CEO I’m becoming doesn’t do “pick your brain” sessions for free because she’s focused on the larger goal” = a few hours added back to your month).

This week, I sat down to talk with mindset & success coach, Jen Diaz, on the podcast. We talked about Jen’s JAVA Method (journal, affirmations, visualizations, action), imposter syndrome, journaling tips, how to have an optimistic mindset when you feel like things aren’t working in your business & so much more!

🎙 Listen to Episode 56 of On Your Terms® here!


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