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I Called it My “Little Business”

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I Called it My “Little Business”

I’m sorta what you’d call a “hype girl.”

I get really, really excited about the things I love. And when I love them, I’m that annoying person who wants everyone else around me not just to know about how much I love those things — but I want them to love them, too (looking at you, Shark vacuum 👀).

Sometimes it gets me into trouble because I hype things up….. that turn out to be a bust.

But I swear my excitement and passion comes from a genuine, marketing-obsessed-woman stuck inside of me 😂

But I can totally down play things, too.

Like for the first few years, I couldn’t call my business anything but “my little business.”

Someone asked what I do: “Oh, I just have a little legal templates business.”

Someone asked how things were going: “Just loving my little business, that’s all!”

Someone said they hadn’t heard from me in a while: “I’ve just been busy building my little business!”

“Yuck! Stop it! Own it, my friend,” I wish I could go back and tell myself.

With time, I built my confidence muscles and started stepping into the ownership role in my business. I didn’t need revenue numbers to prove that what I was doing was legitimate: I could feel it.

Even though old-school society or your Uncle Larry at the holiday dinner table might not understand exactly what you’re doing with your “online” business – I do.

And I want you to know that just because you’re building something that’s primary marketing driver is social media, or that all of your calls are done through a screen — your business is no less legitimate, serious or cool than a bakery or a floral shop (which are also super cool).

The online business industry has this funny way of acting like it’s different or unique than “real” businesses.

But in reality, we’re just like any other business that does business online.

Instead of waiting for the world to recognize us — we have to take responsibility for our part in owning what we do (literally and figuratively). We have to believe in what we’re doing and be proud to put our names on our digital doors.

That’s also why our businesses aren’t immune to laws or regulations — and it’s why you have to take the same legal steps to start and protect your business like you would if you did start that bakery or floral business in person.

This week on my podcast, On Your Terms, I sat down to chat with you about believing in our businesses and ourselves as online business owners. I got pretty fired up during this episode — so I hope you enjoy listening to it.

At what point did you feel like you had a “legit” business? Reply back and let me know. I read and respond to every email personally.🙂

xo- Sam

🎙 Listen to Episode 81″Do you really believe in your business? [You’re Not Alone]” of On Your Terms™ here!👇

PS. You can’t wait for other people to believe in your success in order for you to believe in yourself. We’ve got to be the first to show up for ourselves- and everyone else can catch up 😉 Let’s dive deeper on this week’s podcast epi. Listen on my websiteSpotify, or Apple now.

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